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  1. Hello, I have a set from a 65,I will take some pics of them, Email me at Dozer963@comcast.net Regards Bob
  2. Nice 63 for sale in Pa
  3. Thanks for your help Guys ,I will. Try them
  4. Hello to all, are any of the vendors making a center link for the. 63 Riv Thanks in advance
  5. We'll just my opinion. I have a 63. 1 owner car, with 44k on the clock. The car came from Corletto Buick in PHila and the engine has never been pulled. I have been to Hersey PA, and spoke with 2 Guys who worked at the Flint plant for GM and the paint came in 50 gallon drum. If at times when paint was not at hand during that stage whatever was on hand was used. Ex the Wildcat engine was green. Now I know the question comes up from time to time about the silver paint, I Have no proof but when I pulled the heads and intake, no signs of silver. So that's my 2 cents on it
  6. With a little time over the winter, here is what I came up with
  7. Price on the 63 went for 30 K and a nice 64 was no sale at 24 K
  8. Nice 63 here at Mecum will keep you posted on hammer price
  9. Hello to all.........has anyone run Vogue tires....any issues with them Thanks
  10. forgot to mention they are very good quality about $ 395 and well worth it.
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