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  1. Some where i saw a monroe part numbers for a 1958 continental conv. shocks front and rear, i think it even had a pic with it any ideas thanks dean
  2. can any one tell me when this motor was built???? numbers on block 4-82qa does it have the updated heads on it????? thanks dean or it could be 4-420a
  3. for a 1958 430 it is 1/4 inch stroke
  4. does anyone know paint code for 1958 continental engine, the green and yellow??? thanks dean
  5. dont know what im doing but every time i upload a pic it says upload failed thanks deab
  6. what tire should i put on this car 950X14 bias or a radial , i plan on driving this car. i still cant post a pic??? thanks dean
  7. im going to need some rubber moldings, where would i start to look, upper rear deck rubber, fender skirt rubbers?????? thanks dean
  8. i got it running, sounds great, worked on the hyd pump for the top. got it working, top goes up and down, i ended up using power steering fluid in the hyd system, the book said to use hyd brake fluid??, or should i have used hyd jack oil?? i can not beleive the shape that the car is in, next step is to rebuild master cylinder and new brake lines and check out all of the brake system thanks dean
  9. yes i got it running on sunday and the ignition switch is on the right and trunk key is on the left...... how do i post pics on here, i have tried with no luck thanks
  10. Help how do i post a pic??? when i try, it says it failed
  11. the key switch is on the right, and the one on the left turns 360 i think it might be the switch for the top, i will find out more when i get it home saturday, have a roll back going after it, its one mile away from my shop
  12. hi just found and bought a 58 that has 64 thousand miles on it has been siting inside a garage for 30 yrs. with top down, he said everything worked on the car, body great shape, glass on dash not cracked (how to prevent it from cracking?) how should i go about getting the top up? let it warn up, and go a little at a time, i dont know what kinda shape the top is going to be in, and i think i will change the oil and check gas tank put a battery in it and see if it will run. and other idea's thanks dean and what is the key switch on the left side of the steering wheels?