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  1. Thank you everyone for comments and suggestions. I did find a private rental outside Lancaster. And for the future I have a trailer on order. I was told Merry Christmas as you just bought your own Christmas gift.... And now to make the trip to Williamsport for the Grand Nationals. Gee Williamsport in the middle of nowhere...
  2. Hello Friends Where can I rent an enclosed car trailer in Central PA? I need a trailer that is 16' or longer, 7.5' wide and now the kicker...tall. I need an opening of at least 78 inches. I live outside of Reading, PA. Thanks. ChryslerMike
  3. Thank you Paul. And I am most great full for the work that everyone does to make the Hershey Event the great event that it is. Oh and I trust you get your wife back to full time home duty again soon! Chrysler Mike
  4. I was unable to attend the banquet last night. Are the Hershey Judging results available online? Thank you. Chryslermike
  5. Yep call Jay,,he has the best collection of Chrysler 70 parts,,,sold me some.
  6. Hello Wayne Did you catch this on you tube,,,Hershey 1962,,home film? I remember Hershey from when my grandfather and father took me as a kid.
  7. 734 total for the show Chrysler Mike
  8. The Shetz in Muhlenburg is being remodeled. The fuel pumps are still closed as of this afternoon. Chrysler Mike
  9. Wayne...I will give the red carpet treatment. I live in the burbs of Reading. Well to Central PA. Mike Shaffer
  10. Mr. Harrow The best and most correct information will come from Don Baer, Meet Registration Chairman, dbaer719@ptd.net ChryslerMike
  11. I just had my 26 Chrysler Phaeton restored. I can't remember where Rick got my gaskets and seals. Call Rick at Reinholds Restorations, 717-336-5617. They have done several 25, 26 27 Chryslers. Tell Rick that Mike said to call. Good people , but he is a talker.... ChryslerMike
  12. Hello Markrush Yes they are the same club. WPC Home - the World's Largest Chrysler Products Club ! ChryslerMike25
  13. Hello BMW*39 and other Motorcycle Friends Good News. Motorcycle parking will be at the show field. The Meet Organizing Team is also working to have transportation from the parking area back to the show field. It is not far, but they understand your special needs with needing both hands to drive. We didn't want anyone having to drive and clutch their registration packets between their teeth. But it would have have made for some interesting pictures. The Meet Organizers are doing their best to keep all members happy and excited to come to Reading. If we can respond to other questions or concerns regarding the meet, please give us a shout. ChryslerMike25
  14. Hello Bob I checked with the Meet Chairman and he said the $25 fee will be imposed for the day of the show too even for day storage. ChryslerMike25
  15. James Good luck with your new project. I congratulate you on saving another Chrysler for us Chrysler fans. I just finished a 26 Chrysler Phaeton. My I suggest Jay Astheimer in PA if you need any parts or advice. astheime@ptd.net. Also I suggest you join the Chrysler Products Restorers Club. Their monthly publication is great including the parts ads every month. Chrysler Mike
  16. Hello Jack GTO The entire Show Field is blacktop. No grass and no mud. Plus I have been told no rain! ChryslerMike
  17. Kevin I belong to the host Region. The host hotel is the Crowne Plaza, 610-376-3811. Ask for the AACA Car Show rate which I believe to be $89. The hotel is in Wyomissing, PA. If you have other questions, give me a yell. Chrysler Mike
  18. Hello Waybo yes, you have an original. I have a 1925 Chrysler Phaeton that my dad and garndfather restored in the early 1960's. I just had it professionally restored in the past two years. It is the same cap. The Chrysler wings. Do you want to sell your Chyrsler wings? Chrysler Mike
  19. If you walk out the backdoor of the Host Hotel you are in the Hooter's parking lot. Plus, I am sure if you tip well these girls might even help with your car on Saturday. If nothing else, I am sure the pictures with them, you and your car will be priceless! ChryslerMike25
  20. Cutlasguy OMG, sounds like the Prime Credit TV ad for Discover Card,,,,"Hello, this is Peggy" You are correct, 610-376-3811. Glad you secured your room and thanks for sharing. Oh FYI. Hooters is just in front of the hotel. Have a great weekend. ChryslerMike
  21. Hello Franklinman Cars older than 1928 can unload and park their trailers at the show. Other cars can unload at the show, but will have to park atthe VF lots which by Mapquest are 4.81 miles away. The shutlle will be running both Friday and Saturday and until several hours after the show. Motorcycle and race cars are being addressed and will be shared upon a final verdict. The Region folks are great people and they are doing and will do the right thing for all involved. I am sure we can all work together and have a great show. Space is always limited and many of the lots around the show private. The Region is doing it's best and I am sure they will adress many of these issues in detail at the next meeting. Plus if I remember, this fall at Hershey trailer parking was not real close, but then again the rains caused that change. Let's work together, remain positive and have a great show and enjoy showing our pride and joy vehicles. ChryslerMike
  22. I stand corrected. The show will be on the South end black top lots. I got north and south mixed up. The lots to the North are actaully not part of the Expo. The VF Parking are the large lots at 405 North Park Road, Wyomissing, PA 19610. Parking is not at the main VF lots. Thes lots for parking are the VF trailer and RV lots and these are secured and patrolled by VF Security. These lots are, by Map Quest 4.8 miles from the show field. This is the trailer parking area and this area will be part of the shuttle. ChryslerMike25
  23. Yes, plans are being made to have the lot patrolled Friday night. The area is well gated and locked also during the night hours. ChryslerMike25
  24. Hello B Rose A few quick facts. 1. A card to request the registration packet was part of the last AACA Publication and will also be included in the soon to be mailed publication. Also details can be requested from the AACA Home Page. The registartion packets are at the printer and will be mailed to all that have requested in the very near future. 2. The host hotel is the Crowne Plaza in Wyomissing, PA. 610-375-7562. Ask for the AACA rate which is a great rate. 3. The show will be at the Greater Reading Expo Center. 2525 N. 12th Street, Reading, PA 19605 If you Goggle earth the location you will see the facility. The show will be on the north side parking lots. 4. The majority of trailer parking will be at the VF Outlet complex located near the host hotel and about 6 miles from the show field. There will be unloading at the show field, but trailer parking for most will be at the VF Outlet Complex Parking lots. The lots are security patroled by VF. The lots are paved and stone. Limited trailer parking will be at the show field for cars older than 1928. A final verdict on trailer parking for race cars and motorcycles will be given soon. The Region is doing everything to please all and have several experienced show folks planning the show. I am sure they will have addressed everyone's desires and everyone will have a great show experience. 5. A shuttle will be running until 5 pm on Show Saturday from the hotels and the VF Parking Trailer lot to the show. The shuttle will also be running on Friday. Specific shuttle hours and times will be released soon. I hope this helps everyone. Many of the specific details are being finalized, but I know the Region Team will insure that every detail is answered and that they address everyone's concerns. Oh and finally, I understand they have made an agreement with a certain authority for sunny and warm all the days of the show! ChryslerMike
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