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  1. Thank you everyone for comments and suggestions. I did find a private rental outside Lancaster. And for the future I have a trailer on order. I was told Merry Christmas as you just bought your own Christmas gift.... And now to make the trip to Williamsport for the Grand Nationals. Gee Williamsport in the middle of nowhere...
  2. Hello Friends Where can I rent an enclosed car trailer in Central PA? I need a trailer that is 16' or longer, 7.5' wide and now the kicker...tall. I need an opening of at least 78 inches. I live outside of Reading, PA. Thanks. ChryslerMike
  3. Thank you Paul. And I am most great full for the work that everyone does to make the Hershey Event the great event that it is. Oh and I trust you get your wife back to full time home duty again soon! Chrysler Mike
  4. I was unable to attend the banquet last night. Are the Hershey Judging results available online? Thank you. Chryslermike
  5. Thanks Dave, but it is a BIGGG SUV. But thanks for the offer. Mike
  6. Need a vehicle transported from Columbia, OH to Reading, PA. Either flatbed or enclosed trailer will work.
  7. Yep call Jay,,he has the best collection of Chrysler 70 parts,,,sold me some.
  8. Hello Wayne Did you catch this on you tube,,,Hershey 1962,,home film? I remember Hershey from when my grandfather and father took me as a kid.
  9. 734 total for the show Chrysler Mike
  10. The Shetz in Muhlenburg is being remodeled. The fuel pumps are still closed as of this afternoon. Chrysler Mike
  11. Wayne...I will give the red carpet treatment. I live in the burbs of Reading. Well to Central PA. Mike Shaffer
  12. Mr. Harrow The best and most correct information will come from Don Baer, Meet Registration Chairman, dbaer719@ptd.net ChryslerMike
  13. I just had my 26 Chrysler Phaeton restored. I can't remember where Rick got my gaskets and seals. Call Rick at Reinholds Restorations, 717-336-5617. They have done several 25, 26 27 Chryslers. Tell Rick that Mike said to call. Good people , but he is a talker.... ChryslerMike
  14. Hello Markrush Yes they are the same club. WPC Home - the World's Largest Chrysler Products Club ! ChryslerMike25
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