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  1. We're putting on the finishing touches on a 1937 Super 8 Coupe roadster. The correct 3-piece distributor cap is on the car, but I'd like to find a 'modern' replacement for both touring and back up. A separate set of wires will be made. The distributor is an Autolite IGT 1405. any advice on what cap might fit from NAPA or other stores? Same for points, condensor, and rotor? Thanks! glenn Hamilton
  2. I've been working with these castings and have concluded they are too shallow to hold the glass properly. My plan was to have the glass epoxied in place at a glass shop. Once the groove is cut, the size of the glass increases to 18.5". It's a big piece of glass for the support these castings give. The clamps for the steering column would fit a 2" diameter without problem. Mine is 2.25" and that is too much. All in all, I'm back at square one, and continuing to look for an original monocle windshield. Thanks, Glenn
  3. I've had this wiper for more than 30 years. It was a spare for my '29 Phaeton, which is now sold. As I do more research, it doesn't match any of the descriptions or drawings in the Restoration/Judging standards. So the question is, can anyone help me in identifying it, year and application? Thanks, Glenn Hamilton, Dayton, OH
  4. The Carter # to look for on these BB-1s is 289S. This is usually on the small brass tag attached to the bowl. This carb will certainly manage a 220 cid auto engine and larger. I've used them on a 318 cid '09 Buick and '11 Marmon and they both run very well. You can also find a conical F&N air filter to fit. The original Carter air filters are hard to come by. Rand is very knowledgeable in these carbs and matching the correct size for the engine. Also you need the correct valve and needle seat for flow in a gravity feed system, which is likely in an '09 Regal. Rand can help there also, but
  5. This is part of a larger GM collection I'm selling for an estate. It includes: 1. 1960 Corvair, 8X101/2, 8 color pages, $15 2. 1960 Chevrolet all models including Corvette, 8X 11 1/4, 26pp in color, $25 3. 1963 Chevy II, 8X 101/2, 16 pp in color, $15 4. 1963 Corvette (black), 9X 121/2, 8pp in color, $20 5. 1963 Chevrolet showing all models, 9X 13, 16 color pages, $25 Purchase all for $80 and I'll add a '58 Chevy ad. Glenn Hamilton, Dayton, Ohio glenn.hamilton@wright.edu
  6. This is part of a larger GM collection I'm selling for an estate. A local collector wrote dealerships for new sales literature from the 60s through 80s and maintained these stacks until his passing. It's time to get them back in circulation. This group ranges from 1968 to 1987, has more than 70 items, and includes trucks/vans, camaro, corvette, monte carlo, chevelle and others. It emphasizes the 70s and there are some duplicates, but not overwhelming. All are in excellent condition. Photos available. $100 plus shipping (about 10 lbs). Glenn Hamilton, Dayton OH, glenn.hamilton@wright.edu
  7. Twenty pieces 1973-1987 original Cadillac sales literature, including Saville, Cimarron. Some duplicates and not all years (more 70s than 80s). Excellent condition. Photos available. $30 plus postage. Part of a larger GM literature collection. Glenn Hamilton, Dayton OH glenn.hamilton@wright.edu
  8. This originates from a collection of primarily 60s through 80s GM, Chrysler, Ford and Foreign literature collected by a local man who regularly wrote area dealerships. He maintained these stacks of sales literature until his death.Included is this full color trifold that starts as 8" X 10" and opens to 24" X 30" First year of Rocket 88 engine. Very nice condition with a few fold corners taped many years ago. Not visible from outside. $20 plus mailing. Glenn Hamilton, Dayton, Ohio glenn.hamilton@wright.edu
  9. I'm sorting through a collection of 50s thru 80s Dodge/Chrysler/Plymouth sales literature. All are in excellent condition. Included in the boxes were these three pieces from the later 1950s. All are in excellent condition: 1. 1956 'Dramatic New '56 Dodge' with Lancer on cover. Full color 12"X13" four pages (8 sides). I have two, one is excellent for $30, the other is showroom pristine for $40, plus postage. 2. 1958 'Swept Wing", Full color with all highly finned models. 12"X12" six pages (12 sides). $30 plus postage 3. Oct, 1959 Dodge News magazine with 'First look Dodge Dart and '60 Dodge.
  10. I'm sorting through a collection of 50s thru 80s Dodge/Chrysler/Plymouth sales literature. All are in excellent condition. Included in the boxes were these four Dodge truck items: 1. 'Parade of Champions' Dated 1/53 full color fold-out for New B-4 Series trucks. This is a great piece that starts 5 1/2"X8" and opens to 20"X26" showing all types of trucks including school buses, cement mixers, and stake versions. $40 2. 'Fluid Drive' two-color blue-white ad for B, C, and D model trucks, four pages (8 sides) 8 1/2"X11" from Amlin Motor Sales in Xenia, OH. $30 3. '3/4 Ton- C Models' two-color gree
  11. I'm cleaning out several stacks of Chrysler-Plymouth-Dodge literature collected from local dealerships by a gentleman who has since passed away. This is not my area of expertise, so I'm selling in bulk. This group of 100+ items includes the sales literature for Chrysler and Imperial from 1964 (including turbine car) to 1988. Only 1973 is missing. A variety of sizes and nearly all are in color, and several are duplicates (no more than 3-4 of any one piece). They are in excellent condition and ready to go to someone who would value them. $100 OBO plus shipping, about 15 lbs. Photos of any availa
  12. I'm going through a collection of Chrysler Corp literature from the 50s through 80s. It includes these five pieces from the 1950s. All but one piece are in very good to excellent condition, especially the 1954 item. Prices are as follows plus postage: 1. 1950 color catalog, 6 3/4"X10", unfolds to 20"X26"- $25 2. 1951 color catalog for Windsor models, 9"X11", 8pp, has been taped along spine- $25 3. 1951 color catalog for New Yorker models, 9"X11", 8pp, taped along spine- $30 4. 1951 color 'The Beautiful Chrysler,' 8"X10" folds out to 20"x26" but 8"X14" area cutout along back page, looks like so
  13. I'm going through a collection of Chrysler Corp literature from the 50s through 80s. Included is this DeSoto color catalog from 1953. It is in excellent condition, 9" X 12" and opens to 18" X 12" four pages which cover the Firedome V-8, Powermaster Six, and specific features. All for $20 plus postage. Glenn Hamilton, Dayton, OH glenn.hamilton@wright.edu
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