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  1. This is PA V-12, wrong, but on the right trail. Oil cooler. Edinmass will have this answer, I'm sure.
  2. 23hack

    Terne metal

    I have made three metal sets for springs, though many years ago. Using originals as patterns to study, you will soon understand what is required and no longer need the originals. It requires little in the way of equipment, a barfolder would be a plus. At that time I saw a new set of leather gaiters that were for a 1951 Rolls. The engineering and work in those was TOO amazing. You may make leather covers but proper Gaiters is Quite another job.
  3. Mid 1920s "stovepipe" is my favorite.
  4. I found this image at Prewarcar.com on ad from Belgium. I have never seen this accessory on a Ford. Perhaps someone can post it at MTFCA.com for more exposure. Thanks.
  5. Nimbusclubusa.com is the place to start. The classified list three for sale, two of those with sidecars. No prices listed.................
  6. https://www.snydersantiqueauto.com/ProductDetail/WEB-KIT-0340_LIGHT-SOCKETS?fromCategory=Products/model-t/lights/head-lights
  7. Ford did not sell cars with an oilcan . They sold cans and the bracket.
  8. 23hack

    Mice repellent

    The world is still looking for the better answer. There have to be thousands of solutions tried. I have tried so many ways, even resorting to begging and pleading. i believe the answer is don't have a garage and take the bus. Do well and keep in touch.
  9. Bloo is correct. It is known as 'Edison effect" if you want to read about it.
  10. "INTERNAL FIRE'' by Lyle Cummins is the best engine history book. Worth a read. It should be in your library.
  11. 23hack

    Vacuum tank problem

    Spinneyhill has given you all you need for info. These cans are so simple and work so well. Check the valves in the top very well. The valve seats can come loose from the top, seal in with Loctite. Just have plenty of patience to find that one air leak. Assuming a clear fuel line and fuel in tank . You will get it !
  12. Atlas Tack Company 1895 to 1985 . Very hard to find good tacks today.
  13. It serves me right for not being a gardener. Thank you for the tip.
  14. classiccardatabase.com lists 1913 as "multiple disc, dry plate" If the case doesn't have a fill & drain plug, it needs a seal and washing.