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  1. GOOGLE aluminum honeycomb. Many choices of sizes and thickness.
  2. It seems as if General Burkhalters' widow has decided to sell the car.
  3. A wonderful puzzler ! Is the coiled tube threaded into the threaded tube with the nuts ? How could the nuts be used unless it came apart ?
  4. Oh to be in Tampa now that April's there...........
  5. I know. I know. APRIL FOOL ! Congratulations on a find and a story never to happen again.
  6. No cast iron exhaust manifold ? I've never seen that done on an auto engine !
  7. Even with the Trippe lights ? Well..........OK leave the lights there.
  8. Felt weather strip adhesive backed. Or neoprene foam strip. Many shopping choices.
  9. http://www.thecarburetorshop.com/Carbshop_lit-Stromberg.htm Brochures for sale on Stromberg KO-1 ! Best Wishes...........
  10. That cutaway engine picture isn't the same engine version you show in the top images. How is it your waterpump is there, but your nuts are gone ? Certainly seem too strange.
  11. Howard, to answer your question I WISH I had the diagram of the magneto internals. Specifically , the connections on the end right over the points. Most magnetos have one connection there, to ground the points and shut off the engine. The magneto pictured has three , two are connected to the ignition start circuit per the diagram. I am GUESSING the right terminal is connected to the points and the left terminal is connected to the distributor center terminal then through the rotor to the plug leads. It isn't HT, it's low tension with the "transformer coil" providing an inductive kick that would fire the plug. The batteries are used only when the start switch is closed. I hope I am providing helpful thought here and not confusing the issue. I love mags and a good electrical problem. I've never seen a start circuit like that one. Good Luck........
  12. No ! you cannot run HT into the magneto. The "transformer coil" is just a primary of 1.2 ohms in series. The batteries produce an inductive kick when the points open. It won't break the magneto, it will discharge the magnet or ruin the coil.
  13. http://www.mtfca.com/discus/messages/599638/617011.html?1455830339 This link is a discussion about Maxwell Mag and Coil. They state the coil is 1.2 OHMS. I think it is used as an induction coil. The magneto is used as a distributor . Good Luck.........