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  1. 23hack

    temp gauge stopped working

    Penetrating oil does not mean WD40.
  2. 23hack

    Movie The Birds

    Aston Martin DB 3 or 4. It was supplied to Hitchcock by Disney Studios. It has been found in a barn by the son of the woman the car was given to at the end of production. Supposedly being restored. The movie crew was very hard on the car during filming.
  3. 23hack

    Fuel lines and fittings.

    The old fittings have larger inside diameter. New fittings have smaller inside diameter. It is about restricting the fuel flow. The smallest ID is the flow speed of the entire system. Tubing size doesn't matter if you install one small fitting.
  4. You can search this site for a fellow in the Czech Republic that was making them to order. Customers were well pleased with his work.
  5. 23hack

    Protective mud

    It sure looks like it to me. But you will have to "Ask the man who owns one".
  6. Hoarding problem ? I don't have a hoarding problem . I NEED ALL this stuff. I hate the sight of a snow shovel..........west of Pittsburgh, Pa.
  7. Will Trimacar reveal the title and author of the needle and stitch book he mentioned ? It sounds very interesting and useful. Thank you..
  8. City Laundry still in Akron. "Since 1889" I like the sign in front: GOOD GIRL WANTED
  9. 23hack

    Is this a Model T

    Just get those fat folks to step aside and we could be more specific. Layden is spot on. As ever.
  10. 23hack

    Water pump rebuild with ceramic seal

    I find this repair most interesting. But how does this fit in a 20s or 30s water pump with external brass nuts for rope packing? OR is it only good for certain applications?
  11. Your best source is The Pierce Arrow Club !
  12. 23hack

    "SOLD" 1916 Willys-Knight Tourng Car $10k

    It is there between the brake and clutch pedal.
  13. 23hack

    Any test pilots on this forum???

    Yes..............shirley !
  14. 23hack

    franklin 11b hard shifting gears

    Clutch dragging. Not fully disengaging.
  15. 23hack

    Brake lights on again!

    Are you sure the MC piston seal is BEHIND the compensating port? If not it will store pressure.