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  1. Howard, to answer your question I WISH I had the diagram of the magneto internals. Specifically , the connections on the end right over the points. Most magnetos have one connection there, to ground the points and shut off the engine. The magneto pictured has three , two are connected to the ignition start circuit per the diagram. I am GUESSING the right terminal is connected to the points and the left terminal is connected to the distributor center terminal then through the rotor to the plug leads. It isn't HT, it's low tension with the "transformer coil" providing an inductive kick that would fire the plug. The batteries are used only when the start switch is closed. I hope I am providing helpful thought here and not confusing the issue. I love mags and a good electrical problem. I've never seen a start circuit like that one. Good Luck........
  2. No ! you cannot run HT into the magneto. The "transformer coil" is just a primary of 1.2 ohms in series. The batteries produce an inductive kick when the points open. It won't break the magneto, it will discharge the magnet or ruin the coil.
  3. http://www.mtfca.com/discus/messages/599638/617011.html?1455830339 This link is a discussion about Maxwell Mag and Coil. They state the coil is 1.2 OHMS. I think it is used as an induction coil. The magneto is used as a distributor . Good Luck.........
  4. It isn't a timer. That would require eight vibrator coils to fire the plugs. The wires go from the black component forward to the tube and then back to connect to the cylinder tops. Thanks to the OP for an interesting thread.
  5. I would not turn the drums to accommodate new linings. Change to thinner linings. Save all the drum surface you can. For a 1924 they were probably woven linings. No? Are the brake drums stamped steel or cast iron?
  6. 23hack

    Fuse box

    Why would that matter ?
  7. Did you find suitable results? Not to say anything could weaken my faith in him !
  8. I think I recall reading those inlets are MOST extreme oddball thread size and pitch. Ask of Stan Howe at strombergof.com. He is a wizard that never sleeps.
  9. You had BETTER listen to me as I tell you to listen to Ronnie !
  10. Fishing.........GO FISHING ! Buy a rod and a reel and a tackle box. I have done antique cars for over fifty years. Many wonderful people doing antique cars. I just wish I had gotten to know fish far better than I do now. Or antique clocks. Many many challenges doing old clocks.
  11. 23hack

    Lock cylinder

    DO NOT use WD40 on a lock cylinder, or anything else you want to keep. It creates a gummy mess ! Talk to locksmiths here or ask where you live.
  12. Thank you Matt. Frank was recommended to me by first hand experience. He is the Pro from Dover for stitchery.
  13. Matt, Where is your metal stitcher ? I am west of Pittsburgh, Pa. and looking today for a metal stitcher. I am being sent to a man on the coast of Mass. Thank You........