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  1. It serves me right for not being a gardener. Thank you for the tip.
  2. classiccardatabase.com lists 1913 as "multiple disc, dry plate" If the case doesn't have a fill & drain plug, it needs a seal and washing.
  3. It just cannot get any better than that ! Thanks to Jeff todays hero.
  4. The Pierce Arrow Society site has a Technical Committee that will answer questions of all things Pierce Arrow.
  5. https://www.modeltford.com/item/5055DIO.aspx This link is for a diode with insurcrions. A common upgrade for Ford T & A. Searching those forums bring many results. You can also add voltage regulation within the cutout housing. Positive & negative ground too.
  6. What sort of trouble can one find in the back seat of a Studebaker ?
  7. Russ Furstnow contact info in this thread. Comes recommended by MANY.
  8. The PA steering box is a $2800 overhaul. It is MUST DO. I have seen the movie.
  9. BY THUNDER ! The idiot has done it. I only hope this serves you well Mr. Wallace. Best Wishes, etc, etc.
  10. I have a 1921 Dykes manual with a page on Premier clutch adjust, but I cannot get it to attach to this thread reply ! Damn the luck ! Faster would be to drive over from Pittsburgh and hand it to you. Find the Dykes manual near you. Jack
  11. Wait ! What ? I thought I was the Idiot. This fellow changes his name and poof........he claims the title. Not just like that. I just wish Peter could fix me . Too much to ask, I know.....
  12. I was looking for the fuel pump install, as I am staring at that task next. Ah well...............
  13. 23hack

    oil pan

    No kidding ! That is not the oil pan , that is the clutch housing. The cotter pin is there to rattle and keep the hole open for oil to drain. Ford Model A is the same pin.
  14. Does this ignition circuit have a capacitor in it somewhere ? If there is one from 1917 it's bad. It would go bad from sitting on the shelf that long. The cap should have a vent hole in the side to vent ionized gas buildup. I have to doubt the burn spot is liable to affect performance. Nice pictures. Your question is well done !
  15. Tighten until the threads just begin to smoke. then backoff 1/4 turn.