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  1. Thanks for all the great photos! I have always liked this 52 Buick. I heard that it might be for sale so I might be looking into this soon.
  2. A work in progress ... and a good story to boot. I am enjoying this thread. Good luck with the car and your travels
  3. Oustanding project either way you go about it! Great story also.
  4. Nice project. I will be following your progress ... keep up the good work!
  5. It is great when things come together. I am following your progress closely. I am doing a '52 Catalina, and you are a few steps ahead of me. I can watch your progress much like an instruction manual. Good stuff!
  6. Your car is turning out to be a real looker! I like it!
  7. Very nice work ... and a very nice car. I will be following your progress till it is finished. Keep it up!
  8. This is such an awesome thread ... keep it going! I love it!
  9. Hi, My name is Stephen. I have recently discovered this place. It seems like a great forum ... lots of knowledge floating around, and the people seem willing to be very helpful. I plan on starting my restoration project (51 Catalina), in a few months. thanks
  10. Yes I will ... but the start of the restoration is probably a few months down the road.
  11. Keep up the good work. I have just discovered this thread and I will be following it to the end!
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