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  1. Look for a paint-less dent removal place, they might be able to help you.
  2. I have always loved and preferred the front end styling of the 40/41 Continental's versus the later 42-48 Continental's. In my opinion they have a cleaner, simpler, and less heavy looking design. It terms of collectability are the 40-41 more desirable? Do they command higher prices and are considered better investments? What are your thoughts?
  3. Were the Studebakers of the 40's, 50's and 60's reliable? I have always heard the extreme opposites about them. I have heard from some people that they were totally unreliable, while others have said that they were bulletproof especially the trucks.
  4. I have heard several times that the 40's and early 50's Plymouths drove superior to the comparable Fords and Chevys of the time and were very reliable.
  5. Looks like a lot of car for the money. Love the color combo and it's the last year for the straight 8. Good Luck with the sale.
  6. Out of all the car that you had for sale that was my favorite.
  7. Do any of you use Marvel Mystery Oil in your cars. Most people nowadays do not even know what it is but a few old timers that I have meet throughout the years have sworn by it.
  8. I have been told they are great handling cars but are unreliable. This comes from a mechanic that has worked on plenty of them. He has also told me that the earlier the worse. Hopefully the 2015's have all of the issues resolved.
  9. That is very true and the first thing that I said to myself when I saw this thread. Good luck with the sale.
  10. Contact Dennis Bickford in New Mexico, he specializes in wood bodied cars and fabricates many wooden parts for them.
  11. It is amazing what a little cleaning/detailing can do. It looks a whole lot better now than in the first pics. Joe, what type of varnish did you use on the green town & country?
  12. I don't blame you for starting the auction at $20,000 and the reserve higher, there is only one original, the show was/is very popular, and the truck always appeared at the beginning of the show. I don't think a many private individuals will pay top dollar for it but a business or attraction might. It will definitely bring in some public and generate publicity. Good luck with the sale, If I had the money I might actually be bidding.
  13. I have always wondered where that truck ended up. The first question I asked myself when I saw the ad was how much would that truck cost if it wasn't the one from the show. The auction is starting at $20,000 and that does not meet the reserve. Will there be any serious buyers willing to pay such a premium for the provenance? I guess we will have to wait and see.
  14. I also thought the Mercedes SL's R107 would increase in value in the future because they are convertibles but Matt brings up some go points. They made a lot of them, there are always a ton for sale and there are a lot of well preserved examples. Matt must know what he is talking about, he has two for sale and is in the business.
  15. You said they haven't run in 2 years so I take it that they will not start without having minor work done to them. You definitely need to get them running. If you sell them as none running you are going to take a hit. The cost of getting them running will be easily recuperated, unless something more extensive is needed to get them running. Are there any car shows where you live? If so, attend one and try to find similar vehicles to the ones you have and ask the owners if they know of any good mechanics.
  16. The Jeepster and the Ford Retractable, without seeing pictures, are my favorite. The model T and Model A are nice and parts are readily available. The problem that I see with them is that they were made for many years and in huge numbers, many survived, and the market is always flooded with them. Competition is fierce unless yours are in exceptional condition or have rare items. With that said, they could be the first to sell, you never know. All you need is one buyer that takes interest in the car.
  17. The people here could asses the condition for you based on the pictures. Pictures can sometimes be misleading but it gives you and them something to start with. I don't consider myself and expert but there are many members here with a wealth of knowledge and many concentrate on specific makes and models.
  18. Listing the cars on the Buy/Sell area of this forum might be your best bet. It is free and you target a dedicated audience of serious car collectors. Craigslist and your local newspaper isn't the place and the other sites that I listed previously charge a fee. You could also search for independent forums/car clubs that specialize in the specific cars that you have. Getting the word out at local car clubs and car shows is also a great way of advertising the cars but you already have to have a price in mind. The few people that I know that have classic cars bought them from word of mouth from local car clubs and car shows. The plus side to a local sale is no hassles with shipping, dealing with an out of town buyers, or middlemen.
  19. People are starting to appreciate original more and more. Conditions is everything and could affect the price immensely. The model T could be worth $10,000-$20,000 and the Model A $10,000-$30,000. Those are obviously rough figures I am throwing you. Is the Willeys a Jeepster? If it is, I see them listed from $15,000-$38,000.
  20. To words that are hard to find nowadays. There are auction companies that are experienced in these situations but I do not know if they are fair and honest. If the cars are common and need work they might not even be interested in auctioning them off in one of their auctions. There are also antique car dealers that buy and consign but you are going to get less than if you tried to sell them on your own.
  21. I understand your concerns but keep in mind that when you decide to sell the cars you are going to have to post descriptions and pictures online. There is now way around this especially in todays world where everything is done through the internet and it is the way to reach the largest audience. The larger the audience that you reach the more chances you have of selling the cars and for the highest possible prices. When you sell the cars you are even going to have to disclose their location. Posting descriptions and pictures of the cars here with no personal information attached is not all that bad.
  22. Nothing to laugh about, your question and concern is legitimate. The approach I would take on finding a value would be to compare the vehicles with comparable ones that are currently listed for sale (Ebay, Hemmings, Classic Cars, Auto Trader Classics, Bring A Trailer, Old Ride, etc.). Keep in mind that those are all asking prices and do not reflected the actual sold prices. You can also search completed auction results for a more accurate number. Another idea that might not be bad at all would be to have the vehicles appraised. You could also post descriptions and pictures of the vehicles on this thread and I am sure many people will help you out.
  23. That is what I love about the 1963-1965 Riviera's and 1964-1966 Imperial's. They did not share their bodies with any other models.