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  1. I'm not sure about this, for that I needed the full car history record, but I think the car was imported to Portugal in 1968. As you can see in the previous photos, the current car plate number is AE-01-09, but I have a copy of other older car documents that says that the car once had a plate number AA-64-29. Someone told me that in the past, in Portugal, the license plates numbers beginning with "AA" were only used for imported cars ...
  2. Surprise! I confess I do not know much about the history of the car, so I assumed it always had in Portugal led to the right. Wrong! Here's what I found in a small study (just used google translate so there may be some less correct translation): "The fact is that in the past, almost everyone traveled the left of the road. In a feudal society and violent, in which the use of weapons was completely liberalized, this was the most logical choice, with most people being right-handed , you would rather be a sword on the left, to take your right arm closer to an opponent. Moreover, prevented his swor
  3. Just to help to the confusion I was reviewing some of the information I obtained about the car here on the forum… - It’s a Touring Model (front and back seats). - It’s a 35 Model because it has a 4 cylinder engine. (1924 was the last year for 4 cylinder engines) - It’s a exported car because it’s RHD. (=> X35 Model??) - According to Mr. Hayward, by the serial number it isn’t a McLaughlin, so it must be a Flint car. And now… - Points which seem to support the idea that it’s a 24-4-35 (one of the first ones from 1924): * It has a 1924 Model look (a "Packard look" as Mr. Black said) * It has 4
  4. There is something I'm intrigued. It's about the radiator cap. First, I thought I didn't have the right one. That I should have one like in one of the pictures... That all Buicks had one from factory. I thought that at some point of this car life it was "lost" and that someone had put another one. But now I'm starting to have doubts because in most of the pictures I see in the internet, or even in some Buick's manuals doesn't have this "ornament". I find this strange because it has not only a ornament function but, as far as I understood, it also gives a additional information about the radiat
  5. Hi! Just want to inform you that I've already find out a SAE 30 here! It's a monograde mineral oil for gasoline engines from GALP: GALP FORMULA S 30 Galp Energia - Lubricants catalogue
  6. Thank you, Mr. Hayward. But I think my problem is that I'm not talking with the right persons here! I remember that when I was looking for a car for my marriage there were 2 gentlemen that had very old cars, so they must know where I can find the right lubrificants for these cars... I think Mr. Barros doesn't have a Buick as old as mine but he has other marks: http://museuautomovel.com/frames/index.html And Mr. Luzio, well... He has a lovely 1912 Buick: NOTÍCIAS DE BUSTOS: UDB organiza 1ª exposição de carros antigos Strangely, it's easier for me to contact persons that are even on the other si
  7. I didn't want to mix matters, so I didn't say anything till now, but now that I think I'm enough clarified about the car lubrification, I have other things I want to discuss. I'm waiting for another person that have also an old car to make an "especialized" inspeccion in the Caramulo Museum ( Museu do Caramulo > Automobile Collection ) on my car together with his (he already has experience on doing it with other old cars he has). But mean while, and because he is a very busy man, I made a "normal" inspection so I can make an insurance and circulate with the car without any problems with the
  8. And thank you a lot, also, Mr. Feser.
  9. Yes, I am clarified. Thank you a lot, Mr. Holmberg.
  10. First, Happy New Year to you all! Mr. Holmberg, this time my english wasn't enough and I didn't understood your last question. Can you repeat it in an other way, please? And I have another question. Are you saying that the oil that is used for the engine is the same that the one that is used for the rear and gearbox? :confused:
  11. How much oil do you think I will need for total replacement? :confused:
  12. It's very difficult to find SAE 30 engine oil. I only found 1 place that had, but it was the SAE 0W30 or the SAE 5W30... Here, the most comun on the market are the SAE 5W40, the SAE 10W40 or the SAE 15W40. Sometimes there are also SAE 15W50 or SAE 20W50, but not often. I will continue to look for it, but mean while, what do you think should I use? :confused: When it's cold the oil looks ok, but when I put the engine running for a while it get's different... I dont like the color of the oil... I want to replace all the engine oil...
  13. When you say "30 weight" do you mean a SAE 30?
  14. Can someone tell me what kind of oil should I put in my engine?
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