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  1. Thanks D. This forum is so amazing, happy to have found it.
  2. Do you have information on torque for the harmonic balancer and flywheel for the 1950 Pontiac flathead 8?
  3. Thanks for all the information. I finished getting head bolts in this afternoon. Look forward to enjoying this car. Not completely restored but a good car to drive.
  4. Thanks Krooser. Great to find this forum for information.
  5. kaycee what is the white lead and where can you purchase it? What kind of oil does manual reccomend?
  6. kaycee thanks for the information.
  7. Need information on order of head bolt torque on 1950 Pontiac straight 8 motor.
  8. Does anyone have information on torque sequence on head bolts for a 1950 Pontiac flathead 8 engine?
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