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  1. The gas tank face is just about done. Just have to make a few adjustments on the fonts and spacing. They will only $15. Hope everyone likes them. Will be out of town next week then when back will get them done and ready to send out to whom ever would like.
  2. Hello Ron, I just received a sample proof that look amazing of the logo and all. I am now working on figuring out a good way to have it printed on material to rivet or bolt to the gauge. I’ll keep you posted. I’ll get a bunch made so I can offer them to others that have a need for them.
  3. I am going to do the same. I am taking two different one and hoping to get them reproduced as well. I’ll get some good pics of what I have
  4. Working on Redoing the Break Shoes. Have them all done and installed the master cylinder, Hope to start bleeding them in the next day or so.
  5. Update on the 1928 Dodge Brothers Victory Six 5 Window Coupe. Put in the Break Lines, Break Cylinders, Gas Line & Gas Tank. Also rebuilt the Master Break Cylinder & working on figuring out how to restore the Gas Gauge that is mounted on the rear on the gas tank. I am using the original one from the car and another spare for parts to hopefully make one good one, may need to make or find a part two to complete it. Will give you an update on the gas gauge when I get more done. Also getting ready for the first test drive Hope you enjoy, see you soon...
  6. Sorry fir the problems but it will all work out. The radiator panels look great my friend.
  7. Looking for advice, Just cleaned out my gas tank with vinegar and then rinsed with water and used a blow dryer to dry it out. It only had some surface rust. Was very clean, just a few spider webs. I have a light that goes inside to see all around, I looked good to start with and seems after cleaning out. But before I install it on the car, looking for and advice / suggestions of what folks do if I should do more? I don't really want to use that liner stuff I hear about?.. Thanks for any advice.
  8. Wow. I thought for a second then looked at the car, it went over my head. 🤣🤣
  9. Yes that is what I used also. Hope all is well. Just put on my steering wheel.
  10. On an original Victory Six, yes there are flanges bolted on top of the frame about 12" long and a lip over the edge about an inch or 1.5" wide that the floor boards lay on. I will get some pics for you.
  11. The Body is Set on the frame, with the front and rear sitting on the frame and the side below the door come down on the side and are bolted on. I will have some pictures in the near future. Message me with what ever pictures you want & will will try and get them for you. ( tclmagic@mac.com )
  12. Making some headway with the 1928 Dodge Brothers Victory Six 5 Window Coupe. Rebuilding all the breaks and installing them in the frame. And found out the rubber boots on the tie rod ends were not correct and should be leather, so good friend Mike from Bay Country Upholstery in Annapolis was so kind to give me a piece of leather so I could make them. Also started on the redoing the steering wheel with some great advice from another friend Mat Meeks in Melbourne Austrailia, he is amazingly talented. Also ran all the coper break lines & started restoring the gas tank.
  13. Update on 1928 Dodge Brothers Victory Six 5 Window Coupe. Had to take some time off the do some work on my daughters condo in NY. But back to work or should I say "Playing". Got the Frame, springs, Rear & front axle sandblasted primed and painted. Still have to put the springs back together, than I'll start putting back on the frame. enjoy.
  14. Starting on the Sandblasting of the frame and having to rebuild the Speedometer. Lucky, I sold a parts car to a good friend Elton and he was so kind to give me the Dash cluster out of that car and I was able to take the mine apart and use the casting from the one he gave me to rebuild it, Works great, forgot to take a picture of it done, will upload later.
  15. Hello everyone. Just started on a complete restoration of my 1928 Dodge Brothers Victory Six 5 Window Coupe. Hope you enjoy the project updates Add Tag
  16. Hello everyone. Just started on a complete restoration of my 1928 Dodge Brothers Victory Six 5 Window Coupe. Hope you enjoy the project updates.
  17. Hello Matt, Haven't spoken in a while but love your amazing craftsmanship. You are an inspiration to all of us that want to restore their cars. Thanks for sharing..
  18. Ill be watching your progress and will start a post in a couple of weeks when I get started on the Dodge Brothers Victory 6 5 window coupe.
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