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  1. Update on 28 Victory Six 5 window coupe. I wasn't happy with the paint on the fenders or body so I redid it this week and now working on putting the radiator shell together...
  2. Matt, So sorry to see what happened. I am glad you and your wife didn't get hurt. I've had a similar mishap before and it not fun, but the good thing is "this to shall pass" and will just be a memory.
  3. Matt, your one of a kind. Amazing workmanship on all levels my friend.
  4. Update on 1928 DodgeBrothers Victory Six coupe. I wasn’t happy with he clear coat, don’t know why but I only put in two coats, so I sanded it and re- cleared it with another 4 coats, and it was a lot better, now wet sanding, compounding and polish. It’s only the 3rd car I painted on the last 35 years or so. But I thank be my friends for a lot of good advice ( Wayne E, Patrick W, & Dave S). Couldn’t do it without good friends. Thank you, enjoy.
  5. moving right along, just painted the body, hood and misc. parts and will wet sand the fenders and paint them in a couple days.
  6. Is there another way to do it and be able to keep my shop floor clean?
  7. I put little plastic bags over my shoes, maybe have to change them every third time i go in and out to fill my gun. Seems to work well.
  8. Update, Have the body, fenders & Hood primed. Found a few spots that need attention.
  9. Have the wheels painted, have to do some sanding on the clear. And practice on pin striping this week. Hope to have them on the car soon. Will start working on the body while waiting on the engine to get back from the machine shop.
  10. Live it. Thanks for sharing. I hope I can get half as good as you
  11. Little update on the 1928 Dodge Brothers Victory Six 5 Window coupe. Working on the mounting the tires on the rims, sanding the wooden spoke wheels, put epoxy on them, sanded more, primed & Stripped down the grill shell to get ready for plating. The wooden spoke wheels needed a lot of work. Primed the spoke wheels, but still need a little work, hoping to get color on them this weekend. And starting to practice pin stripping. I think I can pin stripe them and the car, so I'll have to practice this week and give it a shot.
  12. Matt, it’s absolutely stunning. Master Piece.
  13. Hello Everyone, Here is an updated picture of the Dodge Brothers Victory Six Gas Gauge. The are work is now done and just waiting on the round metal disc that they are going to be Sublimation/printed on. Should have them ready to ship very soon. Just let me know how many anyone wants. They will only be $15.00 each. The three dots you see in the center are where I will be putting the holes for the two rivets & dial stem to come through.
  14. Don’t quote me but t to GE information is in the CD put out by John Bittence on Dodge Brothers Victory Six. A must have for anyone that has a Victory Six. It’s sold by Tom & Cindy Myers of Www.MyersEarlyDodge.com for only $10. I actually printed it out and made my own shop manual from if, over 500 pages. It has just about everything there is to know about victory six’s, specs history, everything. As for this shock/ stabilizer, if I remember correctly they were put only on the front of the cars in early 1928 and rear ones were an option. Then that put them on standard and then late in 28 switched to the hydraulic knee action shock forget the name. And the became the standard for a while.
  15. Yes. the proper way to adjust these stabilizers is like you said with a spring scale. But from my experience and speaking with others that stabilizers and the next generation of shocks that were put in these cars didn’t do much. And when hand tightening using about 1 & 1/6 turns gives it the pressure needed to where it wasn’t originally set. But bottom line your method is the correct way. Thanks for adding that my friend.
  16. Here's an update on the Dodge rebuilding the Watson Stabilator/Shocks. Here a link to the video..
  17. From two original faces I took pictures of them and my sister put them in her computer and made one good one from the two pics and they are printed directly on the metal disc. I think the process was called sublimation? They won’t scratch or peel, probably last longer then the originals. I just have to drill the holes when she gets them done. If you send me pics of yours she could make them for you.
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