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  1. Does anyone know how the metal clad wire on a lighted motometer was run into the car (1930 Model A)? Drill a hole in the cap and down the overflow tube? Under the hood? Through the front of the radiator? Thanks
  2. Thanks. It did turn out to be the points after all.
  3. It would mount to the cross-member wood that runs just above it.
  4. [h=1] Would it be correct to put a rear window shade in a 1930 Sport Coupe? I can not see at night when there is a car with lights on behind me.[/h] Thank you for any help you may have.
  5. I have always wanted to say this: "I'm a doctor Jim, not a mechanic." I dont know how to change them, and dont live close enough to a garage that has a mechanic. Every time I need them worked on, I have to call someone up. Thus, I want the new type to end my begging for help.
  6. According to their web page, that is for - ground cars only. Mine is still +
  7. I have a 1930 Ford that I would like to replace the original distributor and points with a modern electronic ignition system. I want it to look OEM from the outside. Is there a kit that will allow me to replace the points and condenser, using the old housing from the distributor? Thanks!
  8. Friartuck - What about those still running a generator? At idle the output will drop. That can harm GPS or Cell phones. That is why my Step-Up will take between 3v and 10v and give a CLEAN output of 12v. Granted the maximum output is 1.25Amp, but I never run it higher than 1.0 Amp. It all fits in an old 35mm film container. I can make one that will give over 3Amps out, but it will require Heat Sinks and take up more room.
  9. I just made a 6v to 12v converter that will run my GPS or charge my cell phone. Maximum draw is 1.25A or it will over heat. I put an in-line 1A fuse just to keep it well below the threshold. (actually I put in a total of 4 fuses, one at every step of the way. I didn't want to risk anything harming my 1930 car.) It cost me less than $25 total and works great. If you have questions, call me and leave a message. I will get back to you, I promise! 2o3 862-8678 Evan Delman Westchester Region, AACA
  10. Dave A - You are correct: "match the car" was meant as in quality of restoration, not colors. I thank everyone for their help. - ELD
  11. I have a fully restored 1930 Model A. I want to put original 1930 license plates on it. The plates I have are un-restored. Should I put them on as is, or restore then to match the car?
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