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  1. An old thread, but hopefully a good thread. Has anyone tried or is it possible to use (swap in) a 1960 Dynaflow torque converter in a 1950 Dynaflow housing?
  2. I shall remove both ground straps and clean them. The (-)battery cable which is bolted to the engine mount is in good condition & the correct braided type, but is oily from the air cleaner bouncing oil out. I'm also going to reinstall the hacked 00 +battery cable & see if that at least spins the starter. If it does, then I'll have a new 00 cable made. The NOS cable may be too thin, which I find odd since it came in an old Buick box. thanks folks.
  3. Cars, Inc in New Jersey has some thick gaskets topped with copper for $40 that are very easy to work with. The staff is knowledgeable. Antique Old Buick Parts CARS, Inc. just a suggestion.
  4. Hey folks, bear with me. The Short story is the starter solenoid plunger activates, the starter does not. The long story is that "Bruce" ( what we named our Buick), finally needed a carb rebuild & its manifold straightened out. This part went well. Bruce's starter had been "dragging" for a few months even though it was rebuilt new internals & with a NOS solenoid. When we went to start Bruce, the dragging was worse and all we got was a 1/2 hearted sputter & a lot of no start. The original +cable got quite warm. We replaced it with a #2 from Autozone. Plunger worked, starter did not. (Battery is new & fully charged) So I pulled the starter & had my guy look it over. He freshened it up and bench tested it. In the mean time I obtained a NOS +battery cable. Same result. Plunger in, starter no go. Voltages seem good & steady everywhere & the two ground straps are in good shape. (1 bat to engine mount & 1 block to firewall) Questions: Did I miss something obvious? Could it be something internal to the engine? Could the ball in the Carb switch have been screwed up by the rebuild? Final thoughts: Last time Bruce ran he started then sputtered to a stop. At first we thought his ignition system went fuzzy. The coil was dead. So I replaced the coil, condenser, rotor & cap. Wires are still new & plugs were clean. He would turn over but not start, dragging of course. I noticed the carb was leaking badly again, so we decided to take care of that too. I'm afraid I might be dealing with a busted timing chain. Thoughts, I need a few. Engine is the original 248 straight 8 with the Dynaflow. Thanks guys & gals Dave
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