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  1. HI ALL. MY 63 Rear Window (L) has stopped working. But in my case, the switches (master and dedicated) are not dimming the dome lights.. Where should I start. The last thing I remember was closing the both windows together. Always appreciate your help. Nick
  2. WOW that was inventive, I will use that as a back up plan....I received a reply that they will have it 1st April (no April fools day snickers please) We will see...keep you posted. Nick
  3. Hi All... I recently tracked down a 63 Hood Emblem on OPGI ($52.85) only to find out it is on back order after I placed the order. Emailed them 36 hours ago to enquire about the estimate time,..have not heard back yet. BTW, CARS do not have them. Nick.
  4. Is anyone using a substitute jack for their Rivi? Mine came without and after looking around I have decided to go with something more modern, keeping in mind the rivi's have a peculiar chassis and I dont think any jack will do. Thanks, Nick.
  5. I've got mine off too. Thinking of soaking it in a mild bleach
  6. Thanks Jim, makes sense, and thanks for the tip on the heater hose.
  7. HI ED, Researching color schemes for my air filter (see my next thread), I read with interest your comment "Other models for '63 had the Buick green engine" which reminded me to post this question to the forum. I am a little confused about my engine color as I have previously read that 63's only came in silver. My engine is (matching #'s) green but where the paint is chipped there seems to be silver beneath the green. Could it have been resprayed ? why green ? If you or anybody else could throw some light on this puzzle I would be grateful HAPPY BIRTHDAY RIVIERA !
  8. Hi fellas. I have a similar problem with interference since I disconnected (but left it on for show) my regulator and replaced the alternator with internal reg. Is there a quick fix to this ?
  9. When I purchased my 63 401, I got a boot full of additive with it. I pitched a similar question to the forum and was surprised at the high nickel explanation, So I run a tank with and without the additive as I was told to might as well use it up. I can feel no difference in the performance with or without I use a 95 octane (not quite sure what your equivalent is) no ethanol. HAPPY MOTORING ! hey is that a Teal Mist ?
  10. Hi Steve, I will soon be restoring my trunk as well. I am looking at a few alternatives including an all over "stone guard coating". If you are to go with original look cardboard which IMO lets this elegant car down, be aware that the clips that hold it in place, hinges etc are impossible to find..... Nick
  11. Not only are you guys smart, but funny too. Thanks for the light hearted humour as well as the great advice Nick
  12. Thanks for the feedback fellas. I took her back today and had the mechanic take her for a drive. He also stopped, and in neutral increased the RPM'S.(no vibration). He thinks the wheels have to be way out of balance to do that (nothing has happened to cause that ). So it could be the Universal. Firstly he would like to put her up on a hoist and have a look around. Jason. it only does it between 40 - 50 then dies off. Thanks as always Nick
  13. You're right Jim, parts don't exist here. I am lucky to travel to the U.S. regularly and pick up my parts there. I did not realise that seals are seals and not specific to the model. I'm sure I would have fond something here. I found them by googling. And as I have bought from CARS before I went went with them....easy Thanks for your input fellas. Nick