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  1. That is a 30u engine,  31 had a different water pump. I've been collecting spare engines for my 30u with a water pump and fuel pump. I'd be loading up for a drive to Ohio but I already have 3 spares. 

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  2. On 5/2/2018 at 7:27 AM, captndan said:

    Youngsters today want money in not money out.   Old cars are not chick magnets.

    Might depend on where you live, back in CA I couldn’t pick one up if I offered a free dinner and a garage parking spot. Out here in the Midwest they get all excited and want to know if you can fix their car or household items, I’d be more inclined but I married the first one I met with a broken down car..... 

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  3. I'm getting several, especially after last Thursday. I turned right into my driveway and got hit by a guy passing me on my right. No citation issued because he said I hit him... my word against his. The officer didn't even care that passing on the right on a two lane is illegal. 

  4. On 3/26/2018 at 2:10 PM, Spinneyhill said:

    When you get the car, post the numbers etc. cast into the transmission case. The Hollander might just tell you if that is the correct transmission for a 1940 Plymouth.

    There should also be a date stamped on one of the machined surfaces. Either in front or behind the side cover.

  5. Fluid drive was more a dodge thing, but with some work one could be put in a Plymouth, to my knowledge it was never a factory option. The best upgrade that can be done to improve top end speeds is an overdrive transmission. 1940 was the first year for a true column shifted transmission and they stuck with that design for years. Shifter arms on the transmissions changed but your 1940 arms will bolt on and work up to 1955-56 ish when they switched to a much longer tailshaft on the transmissions. 

  6. Providing it hasn't been swapped it should just be a standard 3 speed transmission. They are pretty much the same from 1940 to 1955 and most everything will interchange. 1940 has a "fast" 2nd gear that some people like to swap into their later transmissions. I've been through many of them and there's nothing very critical or intense about them. 


    Motor's auto repair manuals have a procedure for going through one. They're available on eBay usually cheap. I wouldn't go new then early 50s.




  7. 1 hour ago, dei said:

    I have just about every wrench I need both metric and SAE since my son bought his BIG multi drawer rolling tool box with wood top and has stocked it well.

    I no longer have to hunt for mine as I put the ones I'm using back in there for fear I wreck our father and son relationship! :)


    Funny how before he bought this thing, Dad's wrenches were never where I last put them... :rolleyes:

    (Hmmm... guess I might have done that same thing to my Dad :o)

    My father claims he had tools before he had three sons, hasnt seen them since. I keep finding tools with his initials on them in my box. I think he's planting them there to make a point....

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  8. I bought 5 gallons of gl1 from Napa several years ago. I understand that everyone agrees that it's the closest to oem spec oil to run in our old transmissions. However when i use it i notice more grinding and hard shifts then I have with a modern multigrade hypoid and non hypoid lube. I've been running 85-90 wt gl 4 and 5 in my transmissions now for 22 years now and have yet to see any deterioration to the brass synchros in the transmissions. Maybe I don't let the cars sit idle enough?

  9. My indents are towards the front. In my picture the transmission is pointing south and yours is pointing North. They should be pretty much identical as I robbed parts from a '36 transmission to put one of mine together. I can measure the diameter of the ball for you this evening. It just sits there and has no spring or other hardware. The top strap keeps it captured when everything is assembled.

  10. One of my fellow night shift electrical technicians at a previous job had a rav 4, it wouldn't start one winter evening and he asked if I'd give him a ride in. When I picked him up he said the ignition was frozen since it was so cold. He was a very animated asain that I always had a hard time not bursting out laughing at the stuff he said. He got the idea in his head that he'd pour hot water on it to "melt the ice" in his ignition switch. I recommend against that but I was just suppressing him because I didn't respect him and fully appreciate his royal dynasty heritage....... when I dropped him off that morning he insisted i hang around to be proven wrong. Sure as snot he boils a gallon of water and pours over his steering column and dash. I'd bitten through both lips trying not to laugh my ass off. He was furious when everything shorted out and went dark, he threw the funniest angry asain dance/song/rampage/throw fest I've ever seen. Me rolling in the driveway laughing didn't help the situation. The next day he was just as furious that I let him go ahead and do that, and since I hurt his feelings and disrespected him by laughing we were unable to be friends. I moved to engineering shortly there after and never saw him again, the car was totalled.


    Before that I worked part time at a kind of shade tree shop while in jr college. About the first time I met one of the other "mechanics" he was smoking crystal meth from a pipe made of brass fittings. He showed me this really handy trick. If drugs have screwed up your sense of smell and you have a bucket that ether has diesel or gasoline in it you can lite a match and hold it in the bucket. Its super easy to tell which it is, diesel doesn't ignite, gasoline does. He demonstrated, I'm not sure if it was fortunate or unfortunate that it was diesel.


    I tried to only work on pre 80s, but occasionally got roped into helping him out. He did an engine swap on a 1998 suburban and somehow hooked a heater hose up to a vacuum port, I think the pvc. It ran close to 10 minutes before it locked up. 


    He had a 60s Mercedes on the rack and whatever he was doing the front suspension was in the way. Instead of dropping the K member style assembly in one piece he entirely disassembled it piece by piece. We had one heck of a struggle trying to put that front end back together. 



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