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  1. I'm hoping someone has a Ohio 30-31 Model Historical Doc. Thanks,Bob
  2. I live in Ohio & my birthday is in nov. so I wait till may to get my sticker for the plate on my old car since I don't drive it in the winter I am only losing a couple of mon of driving it.So Two year ago I go in & the charged my full price + a $20.00 penalty for not getting it on time.So I told what I've been doing for the last 10 yrs & she says it doesn't work that way anymore!!No more 1/2yr sticker.
  3. I have most of the other parts but the frame is way to rusty to repair so I'm hoping to find one w/good # & with a proper title. Thanks, Bob
  4. Sewman


    Do you still have this title? Thanks, Bob
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