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  1. Yep that is defiantly the farm i grew up on.... Ugh... I wish my dads mind was not failing me. I want to know! Must have been done when the rest of the body work was done. .....Now i sit studying the pictures trying to figure out THE REAL STORY HERE... I will call up my mom and see what she knows. Dad and i have debated it together before... Now i feel like he knew all along the truth. I guess i cant hold it against him if he dont remember.... But i cant help feeling lied to right now. but the pictures dont lie. Thanx so much for pointing that detail out Don.
  2. Packard Don right you!! are good eye! something i totally missed!!! I never noticed that in the picture. I was too busy looking at the headlights. I will mention that to my dad. In the time i have known this car i never saw the back third windows OR TOOK NOTICE. So...I dont know. My dads mind is unfortunately failing. Maybe he knows more... Or knew more. I was very young like 12 or even eleven when i picked out the car. Maybe either my dad did it and....heartbreakingly does not recall or this picture was taken before we owned it. The property its on looks like the farm i grew up on. so....head
  3. At Bill miller, you are right. The gas tank is old and needs to actually be taken off and cleaned out or replaced, the gas inside is well over 8 years old now. LOL. My dad has warned me not to start it up till most of the list has been tackled. I am a patient methodical person. I sure hope i dont catch that car on fire... My garage is below my house!
  4. Thanks guys good tips. I was going basically off of the tones my dad picked out. I like the look of a two toned car. But I want to do a proper restoration. Not an incorrect one. And since it is mine now, I want to do it right, especially since i plan on possibly selling it in the near future, most interested parties would probably prefer an proper representation of the time and make of the car. Anyway again Thanks! I will be looking for a good painter. Maybe I need to frequent some classic car shows and ask about. See where they went with their cars.
  5. Realistically however....What should I expect to spend on a paint job for this? I am not made of money, but I would like to put a fairly quality paint job on this without breaking the bank...and I differ with my father on this point but i refuse to do a MACO paint job on this car. He says that maco does a good job, but i am sorry, i just cant agree.... I do not mind doing most of the prep work, but what am i looking at when it comes to cost? For a car of this size. Two toned.
  6. Same question as above. I also have a 1939 club sedan and i need a new running board matting.
  7. You are right it is an unusual body style. I believe it to be custom.... My father and i debated on if its originally a Club Sedan or that at some point went through a conversion with a coach works company... The dealer who sold it in LA was well know to customize his Packard's. This one is a Super 8 yes. It already can run. Starts up fine... But the breaks are all disconnected so it would be rather dangerous to drive till i replace the broken front drum and reconnect things. The things this car needs is New belts and hoses. New break drum for front. Replace 6 v battery. Clean the chass
  8. Just to add my two cents... There were plenty touring sedans that went through conversions back in the day to make them a Club sedan....and they may be exceptions to the rules you mention.
  9. Hi all.... I am mallory and i have two classic cars, 1959 MGA and a 1939Packard club sedan. My MGA is a bit far gone for me to focus on right now so i am putting all my attention on the Packard. A little history on the Packard, Sometime in like....2000 my father and me were selling the 1976 Rolls Royce we restored and a man came up enamored with it. He said he had bout half the cash, and would like to trade the rest. He said he had a Packard and he showed us where we could find it. Dad and i found it.... I was enamored with it.Love at first sight. It was a relic from a very different world. I
  10. Hi all, It has been quite a long few days, And what a roller coaster. My brother and I have flip flopped on our plans for selling the Packard a few times and the logistics and what not.... Way (too stressful). Our Packard is unpainted but the body is well prepped for a paint job. I am at a cross road. I have a few grand i CAN throw in to have a paint job put on, but i am unsure of how much a quality job will cost for such a car. I know maco quoted my dad 1,000 bout 3 years ago... but i cannot personally fathom putting on such a bad quality paint job, better off to sell it as is than with a
  11. I dunno why, but your comment made me laugh, Prolly considering i bought this car rather impulsively. I am a 25 year old mother of two very active boys. I have neither the time....or the money. I will take this restoration one day at a time. I have been around classic cars my whole life and am aware that without a massive sum of money and a crew working this car will be a project for some time. You see, I saw the potential in this car that i could not pass up. (house hold Bills took the back seat) It was about to be parted out. I could not let that happen. I saw an opportunity and boy did i
  12. Wish there were pictures for this. I just bought a 1959 mga 1500- basket-case for 2,000.
  13. So just this year I acquired a very dented and very traumatized relic of English Racing history. I may have over paid depending on how you look at it....I got her for $2,000.00 even. But the way I look at it, I have all the money I put out for it in parts. The knock off wheels alone are prolly about $1,000 or more and the original radio is worth between 500-1,000. I would categorize my care as a barn find. Seems a building fell on her at one time. Every fender has a dent. and the worst dent of them all is where the frame buckled a bit under the weight of the building. The dent is located
  14. Hi all Work has Finally!!! Finally started. Just a little update here. We had title issues and moving issues, but now its in my garage and i have started opening her up. here is what she looks like!
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