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  1. To namsdio: Hello Jerry. It's gonna be some time before I finally need parts but I'd like to know some way of contacting you when I do. If you could PM me I would appreciate that. I'm sure that others could benefit from knowing someone with "barns full of parts" too. Take care. Michael.
  2. Hello all: I'm Michael and very new to Rivieras, having just gotten a '63 with only 68,488 original miles. I've just finished 12 coats of Bronze Mist, base coat/clear coat and just finishing the new interior. Got new rubber all 'round and am trying to solve those jig-saw puzzles now. I do have a question or two so I'll just jump right in. Who can I get the Rear Quarter window front edge seal CHROME pieces from? Need to know a good source for parts and will take any advise you want to give me. Stlll haven't figured out just how to put the roof rail seals on but fortunately the folks at OPGI wer
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