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  1. I am going to do just that Keith. Thanks for your help. And I thank everyone again. Michael.
  2. Hello everyone: I've put nearly 75 miles on the car since replacing the head gaskets, for the second time!! I have NO over-heating troubles. Yet! ;o) Got a call from Felpro the other day and was told the coated side of head gaskets for this car, 401 Nailhead, go UP or sit next to the head. I had them on right, the first time but I don't think I got all the torque I needed to have on all bolts. So, up to now, no heating issues. That said, I do have a "miss" I can't figure out now. I'm gonna check timing tomorrow. Just replaced all the spark plugs, thinking some of them might have gotten fouled from all the coolant they had to drink. ) Oh well, I can probably fix this trouble easily enough. (can't be too many things) Thanks to ALL of you! Each and everyone of you folks' comments have been considered and I've enjoyed the time spent here at the AACA Forum, as well as buick.com. Thanks again to all of you!
  3. Just sent Mr. Burke a letter asking that question, since it's too late to call. Thanks Don. To Buick Nutty and First Born - Thanks for the compliments. It's easy to admit that 'some folks just CAN'T be trusted'! That said, I'm glad I have Emma Jean. She needed me and she pleases me immensely! Just crusin' is wonderful. To Jim Edwards above; I've found out from the machine shop that these gaskets and heads actually are symetrical and can be used on either head BUT, that said, I checked real close and there aren't any holes blocked that would be needed by the heads. As I understand things - Coolant from water pump enters heads at the rear opening (s) and cool coolant then proceeds to the front of each head where it is "forced", I sumise due to some gasket blocked passages, to enter the water manifold attached at the front exterior of each head and after gathering any heat present in those heads, is then sent through the thermostat so as to get to the radiator's INLET, thus to be cooled and returned to engine! At any rate, I figure Felpro knows gaskets better than me for sure. SO, I am gonna go with the fact that the gasket (s) do block some of the water jackets, between heads and block but I think, maybe wrongly but, to open these gaskets with even a small hole would serve to SLOW the flow of coolant within the heads themselves. Therefore I've left them as I got them and have installed the NEW gaskets with coating toward head, as instructed by the owner of the local machine shop mentioned above. (Remember, he did the valves and resurfaced the heads.) This is a very Frustrating event for me, especially since I'd no intention of RE-building this Riviera's engine to this or ANY extent. Again, ... I'm very thankful for ALL help I've gotten here. I've RE-installed; heads and gaskets, intake and gaskets, left side exhaust manifold, power steering pump and Belt as well as Alternator and it's belt as well as both heads' rocker assemblys. Tomorrow I'll re-check torque of the heads, install valve covers and their gaskets. (going to parts house to get a exhaust manifold stud that is no good AND get some sealant for those rubber gaskets of FelPro's kit for valve covers too.) Guess after that it's "fill er up with coolant and "go for another ride"!
  4. Can you tell me which side of the head gasket goes toward the head? One side has a blue coating and part numbers on it, the other is plain metal. Last tiem I put these on I put the blue coating toward the head or UP, away from the block. Is that the right way to place these? Thanks
  5. Based on the suggestions and thoughts of folks here I tore the engine down and while I only have one of the heads off right now, there comes a couple questions I'm thinkin'; ... Felpro gasket set was used when I first got the car and 7922-1 is part number on the head gasket. - There is no indication which is the TOP and besides that, I notice that NONE of the water jacket holes are blocked when gasket is on; ... right way or wrongway! There are open spaces in the gasket that correspond to the coolant holes. Q - Which side of the gasket goes toward engine block?? (one side is covered with a sorta "fuzzy" blue, soft texture covering/coat.) (I originally installed the gasket with the FUZZY side away from engine block, toward and contacting the head) I'd also say that the "rings" around each cylinder, made when gasket was torqued to 75 lbs, per shop manual, are intact and show no signs of exhaust gas breech, anywhere! I do only have one head off and maybe the other gasket will show something. Gotta wait 'til Tuesday for the NEW gasket set to arrive so I'm gonna work on the interior tomorrow. More later. OH, PS - some may want to visit a website I'm building at Emma Jean & Friends - The Dream, The Car & The Meeting - There you'll find out alot more about me and all I'm working on right now. Please visit and let me know what you think.
  6. The car has a radiator with a top tank and a bottom tank, coolant fill in the center of the top tank. As I mentioned before both the inlet, from engine, and outlet, going into engine through water pump are now on the left side. Tomorrow I think the radiator shop is going to change upper hose location to the right side. I think he feels that may increase flow cooling effeciency simply because of enter and exit being then on opposite corners. Shoot, who knows, I may learn that a side tank or cross-flow radiator is what is really needed for this big engine. I agree with you Jim, in that there may indeed be need to Flush the radiator / engine several times in order to release anything causing blockage inside. I'm still learning, alot, and welcome the visit to rad. shop in the morning. Guess if I have too I'll go to a parts house and take a look at the correct numbered pump too. Can't hurt anything at this stage. Thanks
  7. WOW, now I'm really getting into this discussion. You folks got my head jus' spinnin' with questions about this water pump goin' the wrong way. I wouldn't have thought a thing about that except that I just put a water pump on a 454 in a GMC 1 ton Sierra dually. A friend had a pump for a 454 that he GAVE me and said 'just go ahead and use this one'! Turns out it was for an engine with OUT a serpentine belt, which my one ton does have. I had to give him back his pump and go purchase one that was speciffically for a serpentine belt application, ... because it turns OPPOSITE of the straight V-belt pump. The belt would turn his pump in reverse to what was needed. OK, how do I tell if; Pump is wrong one? - just take it to the parts house and say 'lemme see another pump for a '63 Riviera please? (gosh I suppose I could do that, surely they won't mind!) Water / coolant moving too fast? I did think 'this is possible', 'the pump may be pushing coolant through rad too fast, thus trying to cool the 401 with HOT liquid, .... that is to say, it didn't spend enuf time in rad. so it didn't cool down enuf. How can a guy like me measure coolant flow and pressure of system for that matter? Geeez, I don't have a garage full of gauges and high dollar tools. I'm used to workin' on flathead V8 engines. (*got a full race Mercury in my '49 Ford coupe, ... only engine I ever built on my own) I want you all to know that I am now printing all this out. That way I can go back and read all your comments, anytime I need too. Well, I'm going to take this radiator to a man who will turn the upper hose connection aroound to where it's at least in the right place. Maybe that will help the coolant cooling thing. I'm gonna ask him about the water pump too. Maybe he'll tell me how to measure the flow too. Later All
  8. Thanks Matt for your reply. I understand about expansion but it makes no difference when a thermal gun indicates 230* above Stat housing and 198* just below. (I think that's the way it read) ;O) I appreciate your thoughts but you must understand that i've just spent several Hundred dollars trying those things mentioned and the car still won't go more than 5 miles without exhausting coolant and steam out of the overflow tube AND the newly painted engine bay I might add. I'm quite frustrated and I'm hoping you can be patient. I'm a car nut, not a mechanic by trade so I may not know just what to do but I know overheating over expansion of coolant within the radiator. I'm lost for what to do that will FIX this problem, not just be "something else I've tried". ;O) Michael.
  9. My Riviera still overheats and I can't figure out why. So far I have; Replaced head gaskets. (valves ground and heads surfaced too) Replaced Thermostat with 180* Had radiator "rodded" out. Replaced Fan clutch. Hand formed a 3 pc. aluminum shroud around fan. Replaced gaskets at Water Manifold ends AND the "O" ring in center. Replaced upper and lower hoses. Replaced radiator cap. Even had a garage power flush the system too. Checked water pump and it looks good. No shaft play or wobbly parts inside. Block plugs removed and water back flushed until clear Radiator flush, Prestone, used too. Yesterday I replaced the points & condensor and while there, replaced the vacuum advance since it didn't work either. Points set to .017 and timed it to 8* Took it out and test drove it at mostly 50-70 mph. It overheated within 5 miles of the house going and then after a short cool down at the roadside, I started back. It was spewing coolant again when we got home. What would you advise I do now? I'm at my wits end so to speak and running out of money fast. Thanks Michael.
  10. I'm off to the radiator shop to find out if the radiator CAN be reversed on the top tank, putting the upper hose connect in the Right place, on the Right side. If this fixes problem then I've spent $50 wisely, instead of just getting a new radiator. (for alot more $$) I'll let y'all know what comes to be. Say a prayer for us 'cause Reva and I want to be crusin' soon. (may even think of going to the National meet in Monterey, CA.) Sure hopes this does it. More later.
  11. Hello all: and thank you for your input, everyone. Update follows and a PM from Keith (BuickNutty) - Called OPGI and they state correct hose connections will be upper on right side and lower on left side of the engine. THIS red. is conected at upper and lower on the left side. After I've looked at countless pics of original 63 Rivieras I think I'm gonna need a radiator or madify this one to have conncetions in right place. Got a shop here in Tucson that will change this rad. top tank to connect on right for around $48. May do that before spending several hundred on new rad. just now. (gotta stop the bleeding in the bank account pretty quick.) ;O) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ THIS is what BuickNutty and I talked about.
  12. Maybe you could PM me and I'll post the short version (s) Thanks alot Keith
  13. I have this posted on the Riviera forum at buickforums.com - what do ya think?? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Hello everyone: I'll just tell ya that I'm from S.C. Kansas, near Wichita. Now in Tucson, Arizona. I have a 1963 Riviera, with 68,425 miles on it. I need to ask your help. Question is: why is this car, with a good running 401 V&, STILL overheating??? I've done - Installed new head gaskets. OVERHEATS. Radiator rodded out, new hoses and 160 deg. thermostat. OVERHEATS. I made aluminum fan shroud. OVERHEATS. I put timing on 10 degrees advanced and added new plugs too. This is not original rad'r. This has both up'r and low'r hose connects on LEFT side, drivers side. I think this should have hoses at top RIGHT and lower LEFT but I may be wrong. (using pics of other '63's at various sites) Hope I haven't violated too many rules here. I just need some help getting her fixed. Thanks alot. <!-- / message -->
  14. To namsdio: Hello Jerry. It's gonna be some time before I finally need parts but I'd like to know some way of contacting you when I do. If you could PM me I would appreciate that. I'm sure that others could benefit from knowing someone with "barns full of parts" too. Take care. Michael.
  15. Hello all: I'm Michael and very new to Rivieras, having just gotten a '63 with only 68,488 original miles. I've just finished 12 coats of Bronze Mist, base coat/clear coat and just finishing the new interior. Got new rubber all 'round and am trying to solve those jig-saw puzzles now. I do have a question or two so I'll just jump right in. Who can I get the Rear Quarter window front edge seal CHROME pieces from? Need to know a good source for parts and will take any advise you want to give me. Stlll haven't figured out just how to put the roof rail seals on but fortunately the folks at OPGI were helpful letting me know which is the inside felts and the outside too. (I was gonna put the long one for the door, on the outside of the glass.) ;O) I'm really looking forward to a good time here. Hope I don't soung TOO new. MRB