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  1. Well my brother and I (RSC) got the car yesterday and it is now at its new location. I wasn't able to take pictures yesterday but we did scribe the engine number DH 37474B. Pics to follow. My brother would like to ask questions about the re-assembly (we share the car). Hopefully that is alright with everyone. He will post the questions to this thread. Thanks Again
  2. We pick it up on Sunday! Once home, I will take the photos of the engine number (thanks) and see if anything is written on the back passenger rear. Again thanks for all the help. I am sure that I will be asking questions in the near future.
  3. Wow! I thank you for your help! Can't wait to get started...
  4. Yes it has all the parts all painted and ready to be put together. IT has been sitting a while but it was a really good deal. Oh it has wooden rims.
  5. I just purchased what I think is a 1929 Dodge Brothers Sedan and was wonding if someone can help me figure out if it truely a 1929 Sedan. I enclosed pictures of numbers found on the car. One on the door pillar and another on the firewall then another one of the car itself. Any additional help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks MAC
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