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  1. Thank you. You're right, I got couple of scammers emailing me already. I hope it's for a sedan. Thanks
  2. Thanks. Do you have info on that company that sells stock? Yes, I already have learned that truck cowl is flat opposed to car cowl.
  3. Thanks.Do you have info on that company that makes stock? I have found out that top of truck cowl is flat opposed to car cowl which is curved also the windshield side pillars are different. I was hoping 28 sedan parts would work, but it doesn't look like.I may end up buying a truck cowl and make it work if I can't find sedan cowl.
  4. Hey guys, I'm looking for firewall with cowl and windshield posts for my 1930 sedan. Is it possible that cowl from truck will fit? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  5. Looking for right rear fender 36-38 Dodge or 37-38 Plymouth truck fender. Email direct elite custom body @ g mail dot com Thanks. Stefan
  6. I guess they had an option or someone drilled holes used 36 trim pieces.My 38 doesn't have the trim.
  7. Don, 38 Dodge 1/2 ton trucks did not have chrome inserts on the hood. Can you post some pics?
  8. Car hood will not fit. The top should work from 36-38 pickup,as well as sides, but to be correct ,38 sides are specific with different style louvers without stainless trim like 36 & 37
  9. I should know very soon,about to buy 37 PT50 and have 36 as well as 38 Dodge 1/2 ton.
  10. Somehow I misunderstood it. But aren't 37 Plymouth 1/2 ton fenders are identical to 36-38 Dodge 1/2 ton fenders?
  11. Really? I think Dodge and Plymouth truck fenders are same, and they will not fit a car without some cutting,welding.et.c. At least the rear fenders,they have completely different angle on mounting surface/flange
  12. Looking for a pair of louvered inserts for grille on 37 Dodge pickup. Thanks in advance.
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