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  1. Peecher, Thanks for the information. That makes sense that Ford would have a local "authorized" shop rebuild the engine block. I was lucky to find this block and other parts for so cheap. The last decent block I looked at was selling for $800. and that was several years ago. Most the blocks that I have seen for sale have been sitting in field for the last 30-40 years and full of rust. I am thankful that someone had the foresight to keep this block in a perfect state of preservation.
  2. Hello Everyone, For the past several years I have been searching for a "spare" engine block for my 1939 LZ sedan. I finally got lucky and found one nearby in Northern California. For $400.00 I got the block, intake manifold, wire loom, distributor, flywheel, crankshaft, camshaft and a few other minor parts. The block is in prefect condition with no rust and no visible cracks. The story I got from the seller of the block is that this block came from an estate sale of an avid car collector. This block had been stored in a vat of diesel for about 30 years so it was perfectly prevserved! The only
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