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  1. Thanks Matt - I'm sure I don't have to say it but, as a true rookie I'm sure I don't know what my expectations should be and appreciate you giving me some insights from your own experience. In all honesty, I didn't expect it to sell in 6 days but did hope for some feedback or questions. Given your feedback though, I'll be patient as the next owner finds their way to my post or, failing that, consign it with a professional.
  2. Thanks for the feedback Dave, much appreciated. I figured 90% based on just an engine swap. Maybe 80% is a better number?
  3. How about a little friendly feedback folks? Am I asking too much? Is the car just not interesting? Wrong part of the world? Want more info/pictures?
  4. I'm selling my 90% original, 100% complete, 1939 Chev Coupe - the 10% is the engine and exhaust - a 235CI straight 6, mild cam grind, Offe intake, cast/headers, dual carbs and exhaust. It sounds period perfect and drives like a dream! The rest of the car is an unrestored original with a single repaint some years ago that shows some checking and cracking. We currently have too many toys in the toy box so we're making some room. We're located in Northwest Washington state and are happy to help arrange transportation with a reputable car hauler. 1939 Chev 'Master 85' Coupe
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