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  1. The attached thumbnail of the owners manual looks exactly like the 1930 New Finer Plymouth Instruction Book I bought. The reprinted manual is an April 1930 edition and the front brakes look pretty much like the illustration. There is just not much in the manual about the rear brakes.
  2. How does the brake backing plate come off? It appears that the bolts on the back of the brake adjust the brakes inside the drum. Is it necessary to remove the axel to get to the rear brakes? Thanks again for the help. Do I need a drum puller and would there be a seal inside that would need replaced?
  3. I have started working on the brakes for my 1930 Plymouth U. This was my great Uncle Albert's honeymoon car and it has not been driven since the 1950's. The front brakes came apart easily and I cleaned the brake cylinder and bearings. The rear brake assembly has me stumped. I removed the grease cup, cotter pin, and nut, but I can't figure out how to get the bearings out. I thought about using a gear puller because the end of the shaft looks like it would accept one, but I'm concerned that this might damage something. Any advice on rear brake work? I need to repair the brake cylinder and lubricate the bearings.
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