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  1. Hi Alfa. I hope your right about being a small problem, but whatever it is I will get the car on road one way or another,cause I like to drive old cars. I bought the car in 2006 with 49000 on it, I now have 62000 on it. It is all original exept for the expected stuff and a Eldelbrock carb, which is very responsive on this motor. Thank you for your input. Andy
  2. Hey guys,thanks a bunch for your replies,I really appreciate your input. Im gonna pull it out when I get a streatch of nice weather,Im in cincinnati and its cold out there. I have all the manuels for the car and getting it out doesnt look too bad. Guess I will see if I can save it, but I have to admitt that THM anything would be awsome with nailhead torque! I welcome any thoughts on the matter. Again thank you.....Andy
  3. OK, I poked my head under the car, looks like its leaking at bell housing/engine mating area. Im tryning to deside if I should rebuild it or go to an adapter plate and a THM400/7004R/200-? This will require a new drive shaft,trans mounting, and Im sure a bunch of other unexpected fun stuff as this is an X frame car. Anyone been down anything like this, I dont really want to go non stock,but if that keeps it rolling,so be it. Thanks
  4. You cant go wrong with a 57 Buick.
  5. I think safty is first if a car is to be driven on the public roads. If the original system cant be rebuilt to be safe,then its time to retrofit a system that is. I know thats not cheap,or original but think how you would feel about killing someone because you wanted to save couple of bucks. Just my 2 cents.
  6. This is a no brainer-BUY NEW ONES.
  7. Sorry to here of your find, but now at least you know. Best of luck with it.
  8. Just a couple thoughts. Does this engine have a resistor wire like a G.M going to the+ side of the coil or a ballast like a Chrysler? A defect in this will cause strange behavier. Also make sure the coil is not wired backwards. These 2 things can drive you nuts
  9. Hey Dennis,sorry to make you wait. I stopped by to see the the tranny guy but Im not going to steer you there. I found the shop messy and dirty,I would not have my work done there so I cant send anyone else there, sorry. I will keep an ear out for you and check back if I can help you, cause a 55 caddy should be on the road as much as possible! Good luck.
  10. I know of a guy that has a shop in Cincinnati that might know the ins &outs of a hydro. I will find out, and if he does I will post his contact info here.
  11. Hi, Im Andy. Got a 61 Invicta with a 401/445,Dynaflow and a 85 Cutlass supreme. I really like this web sight, very helpful.
  12. If this is a 401 nailhead relabled as a 400,you do not need that work done,as it is not needed and most knowledged nailhead builders warn that this could cause more harm than good. I have been running a original 401 for 5+ years on pump gas with no problems,and I dont baby it either. Hope this helps.