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  1. Just so I'm clear here, This isn't mine, and I don't know the guy selling it. I thought that someone here would want something like this, probably not another like it anymore. enjoy
  2. wet or dry? motor alone or with a tranny?
  3. NEON SIGN LINCOLN ZEPHYR V12 - $450 (SEAL BEACH) found it parousing craigjunk, thought you guys might go gaga for it. Enjoy.
  4. I am 27, and while what I have is some certainly unique ideas, I would love to own and restore one of the classics. Hot rods are kool, don't get me wrong, but they have their place. I recently ran into a couple here in SOCAL that is the second owners of a model A, yeah, I thought huh? how is that possible? car was sold here in cali and the couple still drives it regularly, and it is in great shape. I would love to be able to how off one of these beauties to my kids when I get to be old and gray, and I don't mean as just a sunday driver.:cool:
  5. found this: Discussion: Ardun Style Heads For a Cadillac Flathead - Page 6 - THE H.A.M.B. and this: One Way To Build A Hot Rod Lincoln - Page 16 It blows, but the forum listed just above won't let you view pics unless you are a member. But ARDUN style OHV conversion heads for a Zephyr v12 VERY exciting!:eek:
  6. Thanks for the move, maybe now I can get some of the answers that I seek.
  7. Interesting, I would love to know more. I assume that recirculating this into the intake is non-beneficial.
  8. Curious, how would pcv work on this motor? wouldn't it just leak out of the valve train cover on the side of the block? I don't imagine that there would be much blowby as the compression is very low, 7.25:1.
  9. Vaporize your fuel, using a simple heat exchanger to induct air through from the block will facilitate better vaporization when the engine reaches temperature. you can always use a hemogonizer to help mix the air ful mixture, try experimenting with a variable venturi carb.
  10. I think that he wants more power, with the correct adjustments, solid lifters will glean more power. Of course you have to have the correct camshaft. Who does cams for this thing?
  11. My goodness, looks as though I am in the complete wrong section here, any chance that a nice MOD could possibly find it in their heart to transfer this over to the lincoln & zephyr section? please. I just found what I was looking for, and feel like a complete fool.
  12. I have had some luck from the jalopy journal, who ultimately referred me here. I have looked, at length all over the world wide web, to include wikipedia, shoot, I even tried hemmings motor news.