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  1. My goal for whatever car I do buy is one that will be a secondary vehicle for me that I will work on until it is road worthy. My idea of tinkering with the car is cleaning it up, putting new metal on it and such stuff like that. Not putting in a $2k tranny. I want something that will be reliable, at least after I work on it. Yes, lol I have a joint account with the wifie, but she knows that this is something I have wanted to do literally all my life so she is supportive (as long as I work the OT to bring the dough for it home). Bernie, I understand what you're saying about the 80's/90's car, but I can't think of any I would evenconsider fixing up that would be classy. Any suggestions? Because I cannot think of any car during those decades. Jason, well thanks for the compliment. I don't see any sense in going out half cocked and buying a car I know literally nothing about. That's why I figured I would come here and check out what you guys have to say seeing as how you guys all have more car experience in your pinkie fingers than I do in my whole body. Not going to lie, there have been cars I have seen in the past that I wanted to buy so bad, but stopped only because I had no clue what I was doing. It's my hopes that you guys can at least give me some ideas/advice and point me in the correct direction. I really like the look of the 50's buicks, buti do not have my heart set on one of them. I really like the look of the lead sleds like those buicks, he 60's Lincoln continentals, and other cars like them. I figured parts for older vehicles would be expensive, but not as expensive as what I saw. I looked around today and was shocked. The parts for a 55 Buick special seems really high. Is that normal? Well that kinda sucks, I was hoping to spend about $2500 on my first classic car. But that makes sense. I guess i would be better off spending the cash up front rather than paying through the nose at a later time to get all the damn parts. Thanks for the tip about checking out car shows and cruises. I never would have thought to check that out, I will have to look and see when the next one is gonna happen around Lancaster, pa. Well thank you guys for the tips and suggestions. Anything else you guys come up with Will be greatly appreciated. Just wondering what you guys think, I found this Caron CL and was just wondering what the pros thought about it. GM BARN FIND..1965 PONTIAC GRAND PRIX 2 DR. HARDTOP I think it looks kinda cool. Idk though, I'm still new at all this
  2. First off guys, thanks for the comments. Everything and anything at all at this point will help me. Second Jason, thanks for the heads up, but I found out a while back that I will pour money in and probably not see much in a return. I want a classy car that I can ride around in with my wifie and also tinker on it in the garage on weekends. But I understand where you all are coming from. I just saw it and it looked in good shape from the pictures and I got excited. For my first classic car, I guess I am really unsure of what to look for. Does this are sense? I really enjoy the look of these 50's buicks and the really cool thing is that i can fit behind them (I'm 6'6"). So, this ca is looking to be a money pit? Thats what the general consensus seems to be. I hate to ask this question because I feel like I am being lazy, but how do you guys find cars to buy? I feel like I am always searching, and just not coming up with anything of interest or that I am able to restore? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Also any suggestions about looking for a car in general to restore would be great as well.
  3. Hi all, I was searching online and this 57 Buick special cant my eye. The post for the car read as follows : 1957 Buick Special 4 door car hardtop. It has a 364 V8 runs with auto. It has a Ohio title. The car needs complete restoration. The motor runs but the water pump is leaking and the fuel pump has a small pin houl in it that leeks when running. No brakes. I have no grill for the car and there is some trim is missing. The floor pans need replaced. I will attempt to attach a pic with this. It's going for $2500. Iam not ready to buy to or row, but will be in the near future. What do you guys think about this beauty? Any and all comments are welcome. Thanks for looking, Matt Here is the website for it. The pics are all on here. 1957 Buick Special ( Trade or Sell )
  4. Hi, my name is Matt and I'm new to this. I am 23 yrs old and love classic cars, especially what my pops always called lead sleds. I am a big fan of the 50's Buick specials and supers. I just love the look to them and how classy they all look. Well, it's nice to meet everyone and say hi. This post is a great idea and it's nice to say hi to all. I could really use as much information and advice anyone could provide. I've never restored a classic car before so I do not know what I am dong. I live in Lancaster, pa, and have worked on older engines, and that's about as far as my experience stretches. I look forward to any advice you all have for me, Thanks, Matt
  5. Hi everybody. It's been about 6 months since I have been on here and back then, I was looking at buying a classic car. I ended up getting a new job and had to go away for 6 months to train (oh boy!). Well now I am back and looking for a classic car to restore. I'm 22 yrs old and have loved classic cars ever since I can remember. I particularly love the older 50's lead sleds. Right now I am actively searching for a car to restore, and the first thing I thought to do was come here. I've got more questions than answers and found this site to be very helpful. I keep looking through all posts and am finding a wealth of information. Thank you to all for tis. It is proving invaluable to me. Back in December when I joined, I was going to join the AACA, but never got around to it. Someone had sent me a link or something to join, but alas, I have lost it. Would anyone be willing to send me the link again? Well I look forward to hearing from you all and I will probably be posting in the Buick section seeing as how those cars seem more in abundance to restore. I would appreciate any helpful advice for a novice beginner. Again, thank you guys for the previous help and I hope to hear from you all soon. Thanks, Bigsho
  6. Bob, wow that was a nice picture. I really liked the paint on it. How much time did you put into it? It looks great. Bleach, haha I will get right on that. I tried taking pictures last night, but it was too dark out. Saturday I am going to go pick my girlfriend up, who coincidentally lives close to where the car is. How great is that? So I will stop by and snap a few pictures, plus she wants to see it. I told the guy earlier that I wanted to get some pictures of it close up, so he told me to come by Saturday when he is free. Figured I’d kill two birds with one stone. >> JohnD, well its good to know that I have found one of the cooler more desireable cars then. I did not even know that these were harder to find. I love these bits of information everyone is telling me. It’s making me want to get this thing more and more J. Well thank you for the information on the transmission. I’m strong, but I don’t think I’m strong enough to push that beast of a car. Its actually really funny that you mention about pulling the seats up to crawl through the trunk. The guy who has it now has already done that for me. Right now, he is using an old freightliner key that turns the ignition. It would not work for the trunk, which makes me wonder if the ignition may be stripped on the inside, but that’s how he got the car running. So if I take the trunk lock to a lock smith, they can make a key from it? Well thank you everyone for your input. It all has been great. I was really surprised that so many people are so willing to help. Once I get a chance I will post larger and better pictures this weekend. You guys are awesome.
  7. Well first let me say thank you all. When I wrote this last night I honestly did not think that I would get such a response like I did. You guys are awesome. Everyone had something new for me and now my head is swimming, but that’s a good thing. I’d rather it be this way then having no clue at all. I am just going to start answering and responding to you guys and I might answer some questions that you asked in another. Its not a slight, just figure if I answer it once, no sense in doing it twice. ffice:office" /><O:p></O:p> The starter is not actually under the gas pedal. When it started up that way, I at first thought that is where it would be located until I actually thought about it and realized it could not be there. After reading some of your guy’s posts, I looked into the carburetor starter and I am almost positive that that is what it is. It is actually pretty ingenious. Like I said I have always liked cars and looked at a good many, but have never seen a starter like that before. <O:p></O:p> I began looking online for manuals and surprisingly there are a decent amount out there. I thought they might be few and far between, but they are there. Once I decide to buy the car, then I will get these manuals. No sense in getting them and for some reason or another not getting the car. My dad had said something to me about a “Choltens” manual/book. The spelling is probably not right, but I have not had a chance to look into it. He was trying to tell me that it was a manual that tells you exactly how to take apart and reassemble everything on the car. Anyone ever hear of this?? <O:p></O:p> I plan on having the frame and the engine looked at in depth by a friend who is a mechanic. He has fixed up two other cars before and does this in his spare time as a hobby. So he will check into that and look at everything else too. I trust his opinion so hopefully it will pass his investigation of it. <O:p></O:p> 1937-44, as for the trim, I could not tell you really what color it was when I saw it. As it turns out, I am semi color blind, which is to say light or dark colors are really hard for me to see/define. When its dark out, it becomes even harder. But, the seats were a lighter color and then where your butt and back sat, it was definetly a darker color. I am willing to bet that is probably what it was. Yes, I am very excited about this prospect. I have always wanted to restore an older car or truck, so hopefully this works out. <O:p></O:p> Jim Edwards, thank you so much for pointing that one out. I could not figure out why when I would google 55 buick special, it just did not look like the same car. It was similar, but there were many differences. I was going to ask, but was unsure of how to even word it. I have a good friend of mine who works on cars like I am trying to do. He agreed to come with me next time I go see the car to look into the issues. As for the transmission, would the leak be easily seen when looked at from underneath? Or is this something that I will find out on my own? <O:p></O:p> ShadeTree77, you were very right. Everyone on here is great. Like I said earlier, I’ve learned so much more than simply trying to figure it out searching around online. Is it possible to relocate this into another forum, or am I going to have to just copy and paste the article? I looked for a few seconds before writing this, and figure I will check after I am done and actually try and find a way. Wow, so there are cars out there that are in somewhat decent shape. It seemed like I was searching for a needle in the haystack till I found this one. Most of the other cars I found were rusted out or had been wrecked and well beyond any skills of mine to fix. (Not that they are real high to begin with ) <O:p></O:p> Steve Mack, I have not looked into joining the AACA yet, but plan on doing this maybe this weekend. Is it a number I would have to call, or is it online? I did not really look around yet for it, but will later when I have more time. I wish I was still a student, but no. I graduated this past May and am now working full time (YAY!!). Time is not really critical, so this is a possibility, but I still worry that another person may come along and swipe it up. Which, if it does happen, o well. There will be another project along somewhere. Independently wealthy, now that is a funny line. I do like it and will have to use it at some point. No actually, (I’m even surprised I am) but I work full time and live on my own. Now, I always go back home to see the fam squad when I get a chance, but as for finances, I am on my own. I’ve been squirreling away money for a while now while paying school bills and rent, and have a little bit saved up. It would be enough to buy a car and have some money to put towards restoring it. I have no delusions that it will be a good chunk of change and a lot of man hours to restore this car, or any car at that. But, I think this one would be the best bang for my buck. I was planning on starting at about $1400 and walk there with the cash in hand when I would decide to buy it and keep another 400 or 500 on me and not go above that. Or is $1400 too low to start? Not sure how to haggle with cars like this. (Suggestions??) As for paperwork, he sent away for the title. It was something about since the guy who owned it died, he needed to send away to have it put in his name since the man died. Does this sound like boloney or is that true? In my state, the great state of PA, I have no clue about the paper work. I will have to research this one. As for the white walls, I already went online to the one website like Diamond backs or something along those lines, and was looking for the right tires. They are actually cheaper to buy than what my truck tires were. I was shocked. But I did have a question because when looking for a tire, it had a lot of information. I got the tire size off the tire and it was G78-15. Does this mean any thing to anyone? You are right, there are many worse ways to blow a few grand, but I would rather have it this way when everyone sees one beautiful car and wishes they had it. No I understand that I am going to end up pouring money into this thing right away. It is what it is I guess. I have some money saved up, but most of this will just be done as I slowly chip away at this thing and get it all taken care of. The only cool thing is my buddy that is a mechanic can help me with most of this stuff so I will not have to send it away. And if I do, it just goes down to his garage a few blocks from my house <O:p</O:p
  8. Next, the body. The body was in surprisingly good shape. There was rust on the roof and a few spots here and there on the hood. Other than that, there was not much rust at all. I do not know how deep the rust is on the roof. Is there a way to check? I looked in the trunk and was shocked to see no rust at all. It still had the cardboard in the trunk. It seemed extremely solid. The floor pans has a new carpet over them from years ago, so I did not get a chance to check the out. The quarter panels looked solid and I felt no rust when I reached up under and felt. On the bumpers there is a thin layer of chrome. I believe I will have to rechrome them. If I missed or overlooked something please tell me. <O:p</O:p The interior of the car was fantastic. I honestly could not believe how good of shape it was in. It truly blew my mind. The headliner looks brand new. There is no sags or holes anywhere. It’s a beaut. The front bench seat and rear bench seats look amazing. There are no holes or tears anywhere, and the seats look as if they have barely been used at all. The man pointed out that someone must have redone the front bench seat because it was of different material. It looked the same, but was somehow fuzzier than the back seat if that makes any sense. <O:p</O:p The Dashboard and console looked in pretty damn good shape. There was nothing missing on the dash except for the glove compartment lock. There is no key for the car and what he thinks happened was someone took the lock out to make a key, but never happened. Other than the MIA lock, the dash looks to be complete. If I just polished it up, it would look brand spanking new. <O:p</O:p The interior door panels are in good shape too. The only thing missing is the front two door’s door handles. They are gone and someone took the window levers and put them where the door handles should go. But, the fabric or leather (not sure of material) on the door panels have no holes or tears at all. <O:p</O:p I did not get a chance to look at the frame. I figured I would do it when it was light out so I could see it better. Plus, it gives me another chance to drool over it. <O:p</O:p The glass looks to be good mostly. I know that the driver and front passenger’s side will need replaced, but the front and rear windshields looks great. Not sure how to check the glass to see if it needs replaced. The only reason I know those two need replaced is due to the holes. <O:p</O:p I looked at the VIN number under the hood and now realize that I think I missed the important numbers. I will just have to get it at another time. But, this is what I got from it tonight. Model No: 55-53, Style No: 55-4519 or 4579. I had a hard time telling whether it was a 7 or 1. Body No: BW 53, Trim – 455, Paint – BDD. Now I have no clue what any of it means except for the paint. I know that it was white on top, and the bluish grey on the bottom two parts. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated. I would like to know more about this buick and what it type it is. <O:p</O:p Also, I saw that there were four portholes on each side. I thought they only had three, so I did some research and somewhere it said that four portholes signify a “senior” model. No clue except that maybe it is a pricier car??? <O:p</O:p That is all I can really think of right now. If I can , I will post the pictures from the CL ad. It was too dark to take pictures tonight. If I go back, hopefully loaded with knowledge and questions to ask from you guys, I will take pictures and post them. Thank you guys that read this and reply. Like I said, any comments, suggestions, ideas, or replies will be greatly appreciated. I want nothing more than to find my piece of heaven. I will check these posts regularly.
  9. Hi all. I feel like crying now because I just wrote out this entire post, and then it disappeared on me. So, lets try this again. So I have loved classic cars all my life (my whole 22 years). It has been my dream to buy one and fix it up. For a while now I have been searching for a car to fix up and restore. Since I am a rookie to this, I have plenty of questions and could use all the comments, suggestions, replies, and help you all might have for me. I take criticism very well, so do not worry about hurting my feelings. Please feel free to reply as I will gladly accept whatever you have for me. <O:p</O:p A few days ago I found a 55 buick special 4 door for sale. It has a V8 and automatic tranny. I went out tonight to visit it and view it in person. I was so surprised to what I found because of its great shape. The man bought this car from an estate sale. The owner before this kept it garaged and really took care of it until he got too old. Then it just sat in the barn for some 30 or 40 years. That is why I believe it is in such good shape. The guy is asking $2200 for it. <O:p</O:p He bought the car a week or two ago after this estate sale. They were simply just going to take it to the crusher, so he rescued it in hopes a man like me would find it, and I did. <O:p</O:p To begin, I guess I should start by telling what I want to do with this car if I buy it. I would love to restore this car to where I could drive it around, not as a daily driver, but as a Sunday driver. Something along those lines. These classic cars are beautiful to me and I would love to bring some history back and put it on the road. I am not looking to just restore and sell it. If I do buy it, its gonna stay with me for a long time. I do not care that it is a 4 door. Granted, it would be cool if it was a 2 door, it does not phase me. <O:p</O:p I guess I will start with the engine. Now this guy told me that everything was original on this car. Now in a perfect world, I would believe him, but since this world isn’t, I will have to check the VIN on the car and the engine. Hopefully it is. I showed up at his house and he had not been expecting for a few days. When we went to turn the car on, it started on the second try. It was an interesting setup to start the engine. He put the key to the ON position and then pushed the gas pedal in. It started right up. I have never heard of anything like this before. Has anyone heard of this ever? Once the car was running, I noticed a knocking type of sound coming from it. I asked and the man told me it was an exhaust leak. He put his hand over the leak and the sound went away. The engine looked its age, but ran fine. I did not see any rust on the engine. It has 69k miles on it. No other abnormal sounds were coming from it. I could not see what color the exhaust smoke was because it was way too dark out. It is something that I will have to check next time. <O:p</O:p