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  1. you do such sweet work I would love to see you do a 1971 Buick Riviera the first boat tail that came out.
  2. i think i will do it that way for now until i get lucky and find the bezels lol
  3. well i found the pic of the boat tail with no bezels tell me what u think if u look real close u can see he has light covers on and i can find them lol
  4. i seen a pic of a 71 boattail with no head light bezels and it don't look bad wen i find the pic i will show and see what u guys think
  5. i did post buy/sell and i will be patient and ty
  6. hi my name is mike from NH. i put a down payment on a 71 riviera boat tail it needs some work but i see the beauty it holds i will be picking it up in Jan. wen taxes come in lol the one thing i really need is the head light bezels i find it easier to find the back window any help would be good
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