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  1. I never found one .But I made one and it was easy,The impeller is concaved so you think it would be difficult.Here is what I did >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>I went to a hardware store and bought a paint mixer wand that you would normaly attach to a drill to mix paint in a 5 gal. bucket. Then I removed the wand which left me the mixing disc, well this disk has ears on it but they lay flat, so I turned each ear with a twist angle to scoup the water Oh I also took a 1 inch hole saw and cut out the center. SO NOW I have somewhat of an Impeller but it lays flat still and it needs to be concaved like the original LISTEN CAREFULLY Take what is left of your old impeller and grind off all of the blades ==now your left with the center it should be 1 inch in diameter,Now put the brass center you just ground down back on the shaft...and place your impeller on the brass center,FIT ITso you can lean it back against the concaved water pump housing. TWEEK each blade back and make sure it is real close to the housing --You Do Not Have Much Room There.....Take a ball of play dough to see your actual space for your impeller when the outer housing is installed At this point you should have a coned shape impeller floating on the shaft......Just braze it on and carefully tweek each blade back as much as possible..It worked perfect for me and I have plenty of flow. KENNY Z 401=617=6028
  2. I have a rebuilt engine from a 1963 HILLMAN HUSKEY and a transmission They have been in a heated dry basement for almost 40 years $99.00 each and no real hurry to comr get them In Rhode Island 02864 zip
  3. Send me a few pics of your radiator ,and I will help you hunt ,,
  4. I have that puller if you still need it $80.00
  5. for a 25 special six,, Hopefully in good shape. Thanks for looking
  6. ! have 2 front doors and 4 fenders for a 26 open-car Phaeton dual cowl,,,,,,,The fenders look like they match my friends standard six also,,,Anyway I just put them on Ebay Feb 22 for 10 days All Nice Stuff
  7. Thanks ,for the bump ,,,,,,,maybe someone else will know and post
  8. Hi Studebig6 I am kinda new to this,so bear with me, I have 4 fenders and front and rear apron or valances a gas tank, steering column and spare tire carrier, I even have the body bolts that hold the chassis also have the headlight bar and a tail light.. All my stuff is from a 26 tourer. DO YOU know if it;s the same? My dilema is ,,I would love to save the car but I will still need chassis wheels , engine, trans, rear axle, suspension radiator and shell plus a pair of bumpers, I would need you to be very flexible on your price for it to make sense. Here is my E-mail,,,,,,,kennypennyz@gmail.com
  9. Check Ebay Feb 11 THEY ARE PERFECT
  10. !926 u-joint discs for dictator standard 6 and light 6, a hub puller ,a hubcap spindle wrench ,headlight bar with 10m inch cannisters , a Stomberg OE1 carb Timken wheel bearings for 25-26 stu maybe fits others I will add more throughout February,I also have 4 really nice fenders a super nice hood and gauges gas speedo etc.also have HEADLAMP BEZELS and a couple lens 9 inch
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