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  1. Thanks Ben, With my PONTIAC hat firmly on the shelf I stepped 16 years backwards into the crumbling cloth covered wiring and lever arm shock absorbers that are the 1950 Buick. It will take some real doing to become a full-fledged Buick man like you guys but I feel like I will have some real fun in the process. I love your postings and pics. These old cars are sort of scary looking and this past Halloween I was tempted to put a lit jack-o-lattern in the driver's seat of this one. Steven King had the right idea with his Buick 8 book!
  2. Hi, my name is Charlie. I joined today to try to learn some things from you guys. I have two 1966 Grand Prix's that will take a back seat to a 1950 Buick Super 4 door that I am hoping to have ready for my daughter's birthday in August. The car is in pieces with carb and generator off to be rebuilt and chrome pieces off to be rechromed. The shock absorbers in the front are shot and my brake system sprung a leak somewhere and ran dry. Thanks for your help and hospitality!
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