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  1. Well Kevin, I do have a MIG welder and will use that to weld. I have built several dirt track cars and feel pretty good about my welding. I have repaired a front right corner on an old 87 Toyota Supra I used to own. I cut off the front right corner and spliced a good piece back on. I have just one spot that worries me with the roof and that is just the other side of the drip rail and under the actual roof. It is hidden and no way to get to it. I may have to cut a hole big enough in the roof to get at it, then repair that hole. Not sure but that is the option I see. I worry just a bit about making sure the A pillar lines up well enough that the windshield fits like original but I will take my time and do the best I can. As far as the windshield goes Steelco, I got this part from Big M automotive, www.bigmauto.com . I am not sure when they pulled the windshield from the car I got the part from but it appears to have been removed a while back. You can call them and ask though, they are very friendly and helpful. Thanks again. Russ
  2. Thanks Don. I did look at the post and it looks like it would have saved me some money. I already got a partial front roof piece from a wrecking yard in nothern California. I should have a good hood coming from them too very soon. Now comes the fun part of splicing it to the car. I have a pretty good book on how to chop tops of all types. It looks like a very good guide for cutting and welding the better part on. I have done other body work on cars before but this is a first for the windshield area and it has to be right! So, thanks again. Russ
  3. Thanks you guys. I checked out CTC and they do have many parts to choose from. The biggest positive it that it is only a bit farther than Dallas, 200 miles. I will call them and see if they have what I need. It looks like they may have a hood for my 64 from the posted pictures. Does anyone know if the roof/windshield upper setting and curves are the same in the 63,64 and 65 Rivs? If they are and can find a clean one, I will cut it off to splice to my car. Wow, this is great guys. Thanks a lot. Russ
  4. Thanks Mike. I live in northwest Louisiana. I had thought about an older car different make to try to fix the upper windshield but most of the older cars down here get crushed. The occasional one is rare but it certainly sounds like a good idea if I can't find a replacement piece for the roof. I did call Big M autowreckers in northern California and the guy sounded like he might be able to help me with the hood and the roof. I hope to find out this week. I did call Jim Estes about his 64 Riviera and WISH I lived closer. I would have prefered a non-rusty Riv to work on but he sold it and I told him that I was glad he found a home for it. So thanks for all the help, hints and advice you guys. Russ
  5. Rivnut, I know what you mean, timing they say is everything! I have had the car for over a year now but I race a dirt track car over the summer and just now finished that. I really want to get this car on the road and now I really got a good look at the roof, dismaying for sure but not overwhelming. I will keep up the search and work on the other stuff while hoping to come up with a fix for these 2 major items. Steeleco, your wife sounds like mine, way more practical than we are! No the back glass is still there but will probably remove it before painting it. Thanks for the encouragement. Russ
  6. My 1964 project is getting started again. It was a pain to get but I wanted it. It wasn't in bad shape, complete and still ran, although it has an engine knock which is not a problem for me to fix. My problems are with some of the rust. The floors are not bad but I will replace at least 3 of the 4 major pitted areas. The trunk is good as is the gas tank. The windows all raise except for the rear driver side, it was held up with wood when I got the car. My major problems are with the leading edge of the front hood and the upper leading edge of the roof! and both of these are really just surface rust. I am hoping to just replace the hood and would like to cut out the roof portion instead of tedious sheet metal forming and welding. Not going to get rid of this one, it is my first Riviera but I have restored a few other types of cars. So any suggestions, hints, good griefs or leads to pieces. Thanks Russ
  7. Damn! I would have given my left n&^ to have gotten the roof from the A pillars to half way back of the roof. Sigh. I have just the opposite problem as your major rust situation. The upper edge of mine is almost completely gone. The strengthening piece right under that fron edge is really pretty good, I am suprised that mine went the way it did. The rest of the car, other than the front floors, have only surface rust. If anyone reading this has a good upper roof, front edge even only 10 inches back would be good, I really would like to splice it in instead of all the thin metal welding that will be needed. Sorry to see yours go either way though, I be it was a happy car for a while.
  8. I have a 64 Riv that has the front part of my hood badly rusted. I would be very interested too. don't care about the color, just as rust free as possible. If you can please let me know about any good candidates. Thanks Russ Texas is close for me as for the earlier posting in Denton
  9. If you took out the shocks does the car move or more correctly, bounce up and down pretty good, with good motion or still stiff?
  10. How many have replaced their floors, which ones and how was the experience? Got a Flintstone on the passenger side, not bad but can't wait to see the driver side!
  11. bump...hope this is legal Russ
  12. Thanks Ed. I found the listing and will give Jon a call to find out what that one is like. I do remember measuring the butterflies on the carb I got and you are right according to specs it is a mid range sized carb, small. Russ
  13. I have tried to see the numbers clearly since I got it. After soaking it I find the numbers: 3826S. I know it isn't the loger set of numbers I have seen a lot have posted on other Carter carbs but these are it. It does have Carter and AFB in bold letter on it too. As for what it came off, the previous owner of the carb doesn't know but knew it was close to what I was looking for. RivNut, thanks for posting those pictures. I can see clearly what my carb does not have. Mine is damn close but not with the wheel that presses and activates the kick down switch. I do own a service manual but wish they had made a Haynes or Chiltons manual for the car too. I live in northwest Louisiana, Bossier City. I have other issues with the car before it is road worthy but at least I got it started. I will continue the work and searching these forums as I go. It's nice to know that I got this much from just a carb question. Thanks Russ
  14. Once again, great info! I, Like someone else posted or had in their bio earlier, have good general knowlege about cars but its the particulars and experience about the different models (Riviera) that makes picking your brains fun. I belong and have belonged to several different forums from the different cars I have owned and worked on. A few because of what I do know but most are for what I don't know. I do use the search for answers and get about 50% answers from that. I know some grow tired of repetition but most are good natured about it and have a little bit more to add to that same question each time. I've done it too but I am long winded..lol. I will read more carefully here and in my manual and figure more things out as I go but the one-on-one is more fun. I coundn't even find a diagram on the numbering of the cylinders for my engine. I noticed a different firing order on the smaller v8 compared to the 401 and 425. I guess I have the wrong carburetor then as that part of the linkage isn't right on my carb. I could be creative and grind this one off, find the correct one, grind it off that one and then spot weld it on my carb. Everything else seems ok on it though, except the accelerator pump plunger was a little too big from the kit and modify it some to make it fit. It is too snug to work properly still and seems to be closer to the plunger on the marine carb I see kits for. Still looking and learning Thanks Russ
  15. Thanks Jim for the link, excellent! I have a lot to learn about my Riv. I haven't found the cable for the kickdown yet. Let me ask you this. My car is a 64 with a 425. On the transmission selector it starts at park, reverse, neutral, D then L. Could it still be a 3 speed or could it even be the older 2 speed tranny? The A/C solenoid switch is what was on the car when I got it a few months ago. My car has factory air and the controls for it are sliders below the radio. It takes a while to know the different things on a car and I am learning. I sure appreciate the expert eyes. I did get a service manual for the car but haven't looked at more than just browsing through it but I do have a lift in my shop and will take a closer look at it tomorrow. Right now all I remember is the vacuum modulator on the passenger side which has a metal line that fits nicely to the rear fitting on this carb. I saw a speedo cable and what I am guessing is the electric lockout for not starting the car in gear. Thats it for now. It is not laying on the top of the engine nor is there a bracket hodling that cable. Thanks for the help and input so far. Russ
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