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  1. Thanks very much. Yes, the tag is still there with the model number. I will not try to preserve the number then. It seemed strange to me also, but since so much hand work was done on these cars, I just wanted to be sure it was not an original feature. Don
  2. The number painted on the body is 8H181578, which corresponds to the number stamped in the usual place that you mentioned on the frame. I remember reading something a long time ago about how there were sometimes car numbers painted by hand like this, but it may not have been accurate. The reason I want to know, is that for historical purposes, if it was painted there by the builders, this being a hand built car, I would like to preserve them as a testament to those who built the car. Thanks for your reply. Don
  3. On my black 1948 LC Coupe, the car number is painted in white paint on the vertical surface of the body lip at the rear of the hood opening, visible when one opens the hood. It was had brushed, not silk screened. Was this ever done originally at the factory, or dealer? Don
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