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  1. When I purchased my 1924 695 Sportbrohm, the brake light switch was removed (in a box of parts), and I'm not completely sure where it should be attached to the car. I assume it should be screwed to the underside of the floorboard so that it is lined up with the brake pedal, and so that the spring from the switch attaches to the pedal in the same eyelet as the brake pedal return spring. I think the floorboards in my car had been replaced, so there's no original screw holes to guide me. Thanks! John
  2. joagr

    Missing 695?

    Yes. Did I miss something?
  3. joagr

    Missing 695?

    Does anybody know what happened to the 1924 695 Sportbrohm owned by John Gonchoroff that was written up in "Special Interest Autos", February 1983?
  4. Found some connecting rod bolts from Caterpillar.
  5. We've run into our first show stopper in our restoration project (Green Stutz). While sizing the connecting rods for shims, we noticed that some of the connecting rod bolts have some stretch and damage to the threads. Does anybody know of a good replacement source for the connecting rod bolts? Or at least what grade the bolts should be? (8?) Cheers, John
  6. Subject says it all. When we picked up the car (see greenstutz.blogspot.com) the battery and cables were out. I'm sure we'll figure it out from the meter on the dash if we hook it up wrong, but asking first seems sensible.
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