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  1. I'm interested in a 42 here's my email please email me pics and price thank you brianahlborn@yahoo.com
  2. Keith can you send that attachment to my email I can can't pull this one up for some reason thank you brianahlborn@yahoo.com
  3. I found looks to be a 46-48 lincoln horn button mint shape but instead of maroon in color it a darker Grey has anyone ever seen or heard of one please let me know thank you
  4. If you still have the 39 mercury convert for sale please let me know thank you
  5. and a good 41 Lincoln dash radio delete plate chrome with no pitting if possible
  6. hi im looking for a 46-48 complete Lincoln steering wheel in good shape please let me know thanks Brian brianahlborn@yahoo.com send me a email thanks
  7. car looks great to bad im still doing my 41 lincoln id be all over it plus its rust free
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