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  1. Midwest transmission in Milaca MN, he's been doing transmissions a long time and knows his older transmission. Hope this helps, he's done great work for me.
  2. Thanks Mike for keeping in touch. Have been busy wiring the new addition to my garage space - more room for enjoyment and challenge. not on ACCA forums much - but need to get going on the woody! I've also been working on my 1919 Dodge Coupe - which has its share of WOOD! Any way I jotted down your phone# and e-mail address again - hopefully not misplacing it like last time. Of and on I have been looking for a wood duplicator like yours - looks like the company that builds these is a state connected to Minnesota. Wish I was close to meet you in person. Thanks again for your offer in helping me
  3. Thanks Mike! I'll give you a call this Friday - Aug. 30th.
  4. Dodge Brothers 100th. in June of 2014 I think the 22nd. Go DB Club website- still need a speedo for mine 1919 DB
  5. Wish I could help - have parts. I also need a speedo for my 1919. If you get a few response , let me know. Like to get mine running for next year 100th. anniversary DB
  6. Mike you got my interest going again. When I get back to the home town where I have it stored Ill take some pictures of the back. The C pillars? I think that's what there called One side gone , the other there but in tough shape. I do want to save this car and appreciate your willingness to help. Some one wants to buy it, but I'm keeping it. They say its not yours until you work on it. Always can sell it, Want to have some enjoyment putting back on the road. 49 wood for patterns or restorable - YES much interested. Will post pictures later this week. Thanks for the reply Mike! I responded to y
  7. I have a speedometer and additional parts, and would like to send them out to get a complete and restored speedometer. Thanks - Tom
  8. I'm in need of a radiator, I think 1917 to 1921 are the same. Need the brass internal part of the radiator. Thanks --- Tom
  9. Dave, Just sent you a message for 1919 dodge, I jotted your e-mail and phone number down. Call you on Friday some time - the 5th July. Thanks Tom
  10. 1919 dodge coupe. fuel tank gas cap. Or complete tank with gage and cap - Email bastiantombeth@hotmail.com Also a yale lock, my fold down flap is missing. Rear view mirror. Window shade for side window. Rear fenders. Front fenders - I have these, but if you have any without cracks or dents. Thanks!
  11. Mike, Tom here again. Pictures of my 49 and the 51 saved from the scrappers. Thought you would like to see. Both Minnesota cars - if that tells you anything! My 49 is in much better shape - but it was fun going to the estate auction and see the 51 sell to someone that appreciates old cars. Looks like the pics show the 51 first.
  12. Inside shop now, looking for parts and or Donor 4 door rust free. Would like to save this. I have a buyer , but don't know what to ask for it? Want to know if his offer is reasonable. If not I'll try my best to put it back on the road.
  13. I have a 1949 Buick Road master Wagon, that is in need of full restoration. Wood there but needs replacing. Engine tight, some rust, back bumper bent. It is complete - all parts - including fender skirts - my questions: 1. What is it worth - I have someone wanting to buy it. 2. How many titled, in process of restoration, or just sitting ect? 3. How do you post a picture? Thanks - new to AACA
  14. Hey Mike, Tom here - you might not remember me, still haven't started my 49 road master wagon yet, but stored inside dry spot covered up. My nephews were picking at the old wood, so needed to get it in a safer spot. I will for sure contact you when I start! Just wanted to let you know, I seen a 51 wagon at a estate auction - it turned out to be a road master - very tough shape - but went to save it from the scrappers. The bidding started and one guy was bidding high enough the scrap guys dropped out. Then I knew it was going to be saved. I took pictures, a tree grew up beside it and pushed the
  15. I did get your phone number and the PM did work. I'm working today, but will hopefully have some pics to send you along with my phone number. Have to get the rear end from storage and set up for pictures. Should see something Friday - if your interested we can work out the details ($, shipping ect) Tom
  16. I have a 1916 rear end assembly with both axles in place (square ends) brake shoes still in place. never posted a pic here or never sold on e-bay or craigs list - but need to - also have front axle from the 16
  17. Not sure the year, 34,35? looking to purchase taillight with Dodge imprinted in glass. Any one have one? Don't ask why - it is a special project for a Dodge lover!
  18. Mike that was very helpful, I have not been south to my brothers farm to take any pics - I've been tied up with medical stuff - no fun - but hopeing to return to finish up my shop I added on to the house. insulated , infloor heat ect. Insulating now, ceiling in and getting close - sounds like I should of built bigger when restoreing a woody! Any way I'm glad for what I have. Might be a while before we connect when I start tearing into the Buick - Thanks for your willingness and responce. Keep in touch! Tom
  19. Yes still have the back window trim chrome - stainless steel in great shape. Are you near here to look at it - central minnesota - if not send me your e-mail or phone # and I can send pics and call you and settle on a price and sale. You won't be dissapointed Reuban. Thanks, Tom
  20. Mike, I'll check it out! Thanks Tom
  21. tail-lights and the two on each side potmetal crome below the taillights - very hard to find parts. Anything to do with the tailgate are unqiue including the wood inside. I have a 51 NY wagon 331 eng. firepower. Unrestored, tough shape also. bought it and parked it. My 52 desoto wagon 276 eng firedome is getting my focus to make it a driver - if the 54 has a solid body - 2000. not bad, to add the v8 and tranny missing - but can find one from a car. There are some on craigs list in my area. Also the V means there was a baby hemi in that car - Well hope this helps!
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