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  1. That was terrific! I wonder what happened to the Fisk company. Are they still in business or did another company take them over? Rog
  2. Good looking car. I particularly like the interior and the overall color of the car. Rog
  3. Steve, Thanks for that terrific video. It makes the explanation of a differential kind of easy. Rog
  4. Mazel tov Steve. May you enjoy good health and still keep your marbles for at least another 50 years. Rog Vanderbilt Cup Region, AACA
  5. It should be noted that many of the cars in the Fountainhead Museum were formerly owned by Mr. Parker Wickham in Mattituck, Long Island, NY. Mr. Wickham passed away this year. I, and many of my antique auto friends were fortunate enough to have visited Parker on many occasions with our cars. He was one of the most gracious people I've ever met. We'll miss him greatly. Rog
  6. The car between the two Volkswagons is likely a Renault 4 CV. 15 cents----I'll take a dozen. Rog
  7. It's more trouble than it's worth. We have to keep in mind that the car is unit construction and no separate chassis. I agree that it can't be restored. It's too far gone. It's a lesson in futility. Rog
  8. Thank you for all the information pertaining to the plant. I had no idea that it had such a rich automotive history. It was never mentioned in any news article that I read in the papers or heard on television. Yes, that's another piece of history that can't be replaced. Rog
  9. Only it wasn't "fudge" that he said. Rog
  10. I've always admired Saab for their innovation. I remember driving one of the early 3 cylinder Saabs with 2 cycle engines. Their teardrop shape was unique. Unfortunately, there is very little room in the automotive world for a niche market auto company. This whole story almost reminds me of Studebaker's fate in 1966. You can also say the same for too many other fine makes over the years. Rog
  11. When I was at the Lancaster, PA Int'l Meet, at the technical session, the recommended Flightomatic Transmission fluid was Type F. I've been using it in my '59 Lark VI ever since. Rog
  12. Have you tried Cooper tires? Rog
  13. I don't know what profession Austin was trained in, but my understanding is that the last paying job he held was as a Naval officer in WWII. I read this in an article written by Beverly Rae Kimes in Automobile Quarterly a number of years ago. Rog
  14. One thing that I would check first is how well your electrical system is grounded. Very often a bad ground will inhibit or slow starting. Just a thought. Rog
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