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  1. Thanks, awhile back somebody came up with a recommended torque but that may have been on the Ford Barn. I just remember that it was fairly high but not as high as the axle nuts.
  2. Thank you Gentlemen, we installed it fully assembled with the spring attached and we did have to use a hydraulic ram to spread the spring so that it would clear the U-bolts on the aft cross member. So now I have done it both ways and probably prefer installing the spring on the cross member first before installing the axle/drive shaft assembly, it seemed to go in easier. Now Mike can finish with all of the little time consuming stuff and get his '48 Cabriolet back on the road with a rebuilt transmission and rear end.
  3. I have forgotten, what is the torque value that Ford recommends for the U-bolt nuts that hold the rear leaf spring in place? Pretty high as I remember.
  4. I am helping Mike install his rebuilt rear end/drive shaft assembly tomorrow. When I did mine, I installed the leaf spring first and then installed the rear end. Is that what you experts still recommend or can it be inserted with the spring already bolted to the axle?
  5. I had not thought of Narragansett, I shall give them a call. Thanks.
  6. Thank you for the update, I assumed something like that. The phone number is still active with a voice mail option so I hope that he will call me back sometime.
  7. Okay guys, I finally found a correct gravel guard and now am in need of a rear view mirror for the right side. John Murphy told me to contact Jay Fisher for a reproduction one because originals are impossible to find, well I called their number and left a couple messages but no return call. Is he still in business? Maybe out of town? Thanks.
  8. Thank you gentlemen, the bumper is otherwise good condition so I will have the hole filled during the replaying process.
  9. Good question, after noticing some minor movement of the spring, I torqued mine to 60 lbs but am still experiencing some shifting. Does anybody know the torque specs on those exact bolts for other Ford products?
  10. Thanks John, no sir, no pictures have survived. So you recommend that I find a bumper with no hole or can the folks that restore it fill it in?
  11. I have trouble managing the photos and apologize for this one but notice the hole in the center bottom half of the bumper. To my knowledge this is the original bumper but I want to be sure before I spend the money to have it re-chromed. As you all know, within a couple of cars this was the last of the older style license plate holder and perhaps they used the newer bumper with the older style holder. I can't wait to hear from you experts. Ron
  12. HARRILL1 if Jim does not buy it, I would be interested if it is correct for a '40 Continental. Ron
  13. Yes Sir, mine is a '40 and I replaced the rubber pad when reinstalling the Columbia after a rebuild. I will check to see if it is mounted correctly, thanks.
  14. Recently whenever I make a left turn, the tire scrapes against the left rear skirt. The rear axle assembly appears to be tight and I wonder if my constantly forcing lubricant into the rear spring has loosened it up enough to allow a lateral shift. The standing clearance between tire and skirt is one half of an inch.
  15. Since buying my '40 Cabriolet and joining LZOC back in November of 2011, I have met and been helped by many of you on this site. Jake Fleming is one of those, what a great gentleman who has unbelievable knowledge of our Lincolns. Jake rebuilt my radio awhile back and recently my distributor and did a fantastic job on both, but about a week ago the radio quit working. I had a trip scheduled to Dallas and called to ask if I could stop by with my radio, he did a cursory check and agreed that it might be something serious and so I left it with him. Two days later in time to bring it home with me, he had it fixed. It was a shorted vibrator which he dismantled and repaired, replacing the inside rubber like insulator (he said that he just happened to have one sitting around in his parts bin). His in depth knowledge of our cars amazes me, what a treat to have such craftsmen still around in our throw away society. By the way, when asked how much I owed him I felt so guilty at the cost, I had to give him a little more. Thanks Jake, it was a real pleasure to meet you and pick your brain about condensers, distributors and radios. Ron
  16. Mssr. Bwatoe is correct but I splurged and purchased the reproduction K.R. Wilson ABV-156 Rear Hub Puller and the hubs that had been on my Lincoln for over 60 years popped off. Keep in mind that the hubs take tremendous pressure to remove, be careful and use the correct puller. Good Luck. If you lived in Tucson I would be happy to loan you mine and, by the way, be sure and use the correct torque when installing them.
  17. I have ordered a set of condensers from Earle Brown, they should get here next week and we will see if that is the problem. I will keep you posted.
  18. Thank you gentlemen, I will replace the condensers and see what I get.
  19. Thank you Mssr. Bwatoe, I shall give it a try.
  20. Okay all of you seasoned V-12 experts, my engine was missing and not running well. The left side seemed to have good spark but the right side no spark, occasionally she would all of the sudden start hitting on all 12 and then revert back to running really rough. I shipped the distributor and coil off to Jake Fleming and he serviced and rebuilt it. Jake does good work so I am convinced that the distributor, coil, condensers are not the problem and the spark plugs look good. Any ideas? Ron
  21. Interesting I have the body mounted license bracket, they must have changed it between my car yours which is only five numbers later. The shape of the bumper is exactly the same as the front bumper and the hole is round not square. I have forgotten what the other bumper looks like but will check it this weekend, the previous owner scrounged parts off of a '41 so I may still have some of those attached to my car.
  22. I believe this to be the original bumper but the hole in the lower center bothers me (sorry about being on its side, I couldn't figure out how to rotate it). I think that I have another rear bumper with out the center hole but it has a slightly different cosmetic design. What do you experts think?
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