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  1. Just be careful with Dynamo wiring, most owners mistake the Dynamo connections, Its ACB on the Dynamo & ABC on the fuse box . A being the left connection bottom of cut out, any problems contact me, make a living from wiring these cars
  2. The spring is not an RR part, as the bodywork was made by others, barker / hooper etc using bought in items probably made by wilmot breeden, I can probably find one in my stock , but it should be an universally available part, if you still cannot find it let me know the size & i will reply, Phil Anglesey UK
  3. David, after re checking everything i decided to check valve timing., yes timing marks again, off with front cover , set engine to TDC with 1-6 on top, 2 circular marks on crank gear right opposite cam shaft, but cam gear marks are 5 marks away, have reset, but going on holiday so will have to wait till I return. will report then, Thanks Phil.
  4. David, this car has a new engine not run for quite some time, I am putting 1 pint in the autovac, & thats all, turn engine over , & she fires first time & thats all you get. engine turns over on starter OK< not tight, Im working on my own so cannot check things when engine turning .
  5. David, I do have a venturi fitted, & it seems to be locked solid, what holds it in apart from the 2 screws mentioned, still have the same problem, engine fires immediateley then cuts out, plenty of fuel , floods the intake manifold, suspect electrics now, have replaced the Coil checked dissie still the same.
  6. Thanks David, re Maxwell, it runs, ordered some brass for running boards, but petrol tank decided to leak again, so am drying that out before repair, fancied a change of scene so started on Packard, On the Packard carb body either side, I have 2 screws & 2 lock nuts, these were missing, i have replaced from another carb, what are they, & what is the basic setting, they look like air bleed screws, when the choke is fully on it locks the air valve from moving, so I assume its running on a very rich mixture, makes no difference still wont run, beyond initial firing.
  7. My engine is as new, I have just ground & fitted new valves, etc engine has been rebuilt recently, It will start straight away but only runs for a few revs, sometimes it will run 10 seconds, it only runs when Hand throttle is set at high, looks like a carb fault, spring setting on air valve is OK, have checked jet is clear, anyone with any ideas. it has the fueliser type carb,
  8. Anglesey

    WTB brake bands

    Are you rebuilding a car, I had to modify some brake bands that I bought , 14" Dia. 2 & 1/4" wide, have a spare set here, but they cost me an arm & 2 legs, also have lots of model R engine/chassis parts, E mail me on philipcordery@btinternet.com
  9. My 1910 4 cylinder model R has Corcoran Head lights & unmarked side lights, but have large bail handles at the top, anybody else on here with a 4 cylinder, seem quite scarce.
  10. Thanks for the help, Thanks for the help, removed the dynamo, no gasket just remnants of silicone, so cleaned everything & replaced, with new Gasket, cleaned all the drain holes, Dynamo was very tight to remove & get back in , had to lever with a piece of wood at the rear, test shortly, Thanks again.
  11. My 1926 Master six is leaking oil from a hole underneath the driven end of Dynamo, the hole is in the main body behind the end plate, is there an oil seal & how do you get at it, I see a small loose Oil thrower on the shaft.
  12. Anglesey

    Mitchell Limo

    Where in Oporto is this collection, my son lives there & I would love to visit this collection at the same time, I have seen the cars in the old customs house,
  13. have a 26 master 6, have pics of body raised off chassis, also some poor shots of interior woodwork, I replaced the the main timbers in the rear after Termites had eaten their way through them, send E mail to philipcordery@btinternet.com
  14. well its not a fergie Tractor engine as it has a lift pump fitted, the tractor was gravity fed, also the gearbox is a 3/4 on a tree type, i.e gear change on the steering column, I therefore suspect its a Standard vanguard,
  15. So no one replied, stripped the gearbox, now down to the problem, Rear main has seized solid. so we have a crank free to air at both ends, now trying to figure how to press crank out.
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