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  1. I forgot to add - "Get Greg out of the big metal building!" Good luck John, I'll be watching the weather in your area this weekend. Chuck
  2. Herd up the animals, batten down the hatches, count all the cats, full ops check on the generator, double check chainsaw, get bread and milk - ya better get started John! :-) Chuck
  3. "Had a lot of looks from folks as I drove past. No telling what they think of that old rocket ship!" They probably don't understand and think "What is that thing with a high pitched whine? It must be old, but what IS it? Sounds good!" Sorry - I was seeing the crowd thru your new windshield and echoing my inner self. Chris - you do make it so easy to "be there with you" as you keep us updated with your style of writing. I've been alot of places in your "rocket ship!" Thank you for that. Chuck
  4. John - is the 23 MB leaking at the lower radiator area? Those front end shots say maybe? If you answered this question somewhere else, sorry for asking, I just don't remember. Keep up the great work maintaining your stable of classic antique autos. Thanks again, Chuck
  5. Welcome to the forums JP75. Great car and great story to go with it. Lots of help and fans here, keep the pictures coming. Nice garage you've got, keep up the good work! Chuck
  6. Chris - I like the rubberband over the rag at the input of the supercharger, but why not use two and cover both input and output? The last thing you want is a fumbled nut/washer heading into either port. Better safe than sorry! Keep up the great work, we are following your every improvement! Chuck
  7. Good job on the trophy John. The weather was a challenge, but the reward was sweet. Chuck
  8. Looking good Charles. Can't wait to see the rest of the car. 40 years of ownership - wow. That alone, is an accomplishment! Many of us wish we could say the same about that special car we had in our teens. Keep up the good work and bring on the pictures! Thanks, Chuck
  9. Mmmm - liquid Moosehead! Sure brings back memories! "Too bad Flop is so far away." **Flop - the ultimate standard in metal massaging. The project is looking great Pat. Thanks again for keeping us updated. Chuck<!-- google_ad_section_end -->
  10. Hey Chris - 1553... door number, that doesn't coincide with any part of the VIN does it? How about julian date - 155 = June 4th; 3 = 1963. Do you remember any other 4 digit, ending in 3, numbers elsewhere on the car thus far? Curious for input from John and Greg on those numbers and if they have seen them on their doors? Chuck
  11. Chris - love the "answer fairy" explanation. Sometimes they don't come often enough! Keep up the good work on your fun occasional driver! Chuck
  12. 1956 Chrysler Crown Imperial Limousine, 175 built - 5 are being restored at White Post Restorations. Wow! That sure looks like a great place. The history of the vehicles they restore is mind boggling. Thanks for the info John. I have missed your "for your morning coffee" updates. Many good cups of coffee have gone cold on my desktop, waiting! You sure stay busy enjoying your "retirement!" Thanks again. :-) Chuck
  13. That dash is awesome! Help me out with the function of the push button switch at the far left. So glad for the updates on this beauty, keep them coming! Chuck
  14. "As far as photos go, I'd like to take a photo of the completed car and have the same photo of my dad in post #41 ghosted in it." The photo your daughter gave you for Christmas was an awesome idea and well executed. I do love that frame too. Very appropriate. Can't wait for the next ghosted photo. Keep up the great work and the updates. Super project with such a great story - Thanks Pat. Chuck
  15. It seems like a high return on an investment to get some car covers for the '30 and the Stude. They are neat cars but don't deserve the dusty, dirty enviroment. Maybe he could give one to me, I'll keep it clean! Great work Pat, keep on moving!
  16. Thank you Bernie for your excellent work. It was fun to review this thread and refresh all your challenges and successes. That is a beautiful clock. Will we be learning more about the procurement story behind this clock? I'm sure there is curiousity about it, other than mine. Do you know HOW they are going "to display it in the companies collection"? Granite, marble, black walnut, old wagon wood or...? Will it be possible to have your son (or was it son-in-law?) the jeweler/clock builder examine the Dixie clock? Sorry for all the questions, I know you are a busy man, Chuck
  17. Great story John - waiting for the happy ending. Is your barn big enough, or will you be needing to renovate more? Thank You and Larry for trying and thanks for all the updates / Greg stories-projects / showing the day-to-day life in VA, surrounded by classic autos! Chuck
  18. John - I've been lurking and following your "refresh," and like others, I want to pass on a heartfelt "great job" to your Avanti efforts. It sure does look good! With the Jag and the other historic vehicles, how do you find time to exercise all of them? Also, I see and admire the assistance you provide others (SeventhSon) etc, and I'm envious and respectful toward your guiding hand. I sure do wish I could study under Greg and have you and Trimacar close by for assistance. Cruising around today, I came across this R-2 for sale - 1963StudebakerAvanti R-2 Car for Sale Can you explain the diffe
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