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  1. Chris - your Avanti looks great. If I haven't told you, the color you chose is excellent. She is meant to be subtle until riled. Once riled, she's ... - you fill it in Chris! Enjoy the beautiful weather and thank you for the pictures of another VA treasure. I appreciate seeing the grace and beauty, being I'm employed by the VA, times 20+ years. :)


  2. Hey John - time to rest a bit after that stretch of busy-ness. Great job with the Jag. Just where are you going to put all the hardware you keep bringing home? You'll have to build a separate building for all the trophies, plaques, and honors that your wonderful vehicles garner. I agree - the Avanti shows well and the JD looks tough now with it's new front "bling!" Keep up the great work.


  3. John - Thank you so much for maintaining such an excellent thread. Your dedication to your cars and devotion to all those that love antique cars is highly commendable. Congratulations on reaching 100 pages and please, keep driving on. Also Happy Mothers Day to Alice - your best buddy! :-)


  4. Morel - "The Studebaker factory opened in 1948 and closed in 1966 — three years after the company’s headquarters in South Bend, Ind. shut down. The Hamilton building has been coming down in bits and pieces for some time." Last call for the Studebaker on Mars

    From this article, I deduce that a the 1930 model would fall out of the country differential theory. This article also supports my rebuff to your thoughts. http://thehamiltonchaptersdc.ca/SDC%20Handout.pdf

    I hope this helps answer your questions Morel. Thanks for letting us learn from your picture.


  5. Thank you Chris. Your photos are excellent. That is a great spot chosen for Steve, may he rest in peace. It's a beautiful view of Virginia. In a family of 4 boys, I'll bet there was always mischief going on, in one form or another! Your photo of the Confederate grave and monument reminds me, as it should to all, that freedom is paid for with an irreplaceable currency.

    The price of freedom is paid with the lives of a few who defend many. It is the duty of those who served with them to ensure this sacrifice has not been made in vain. The Price of Freedom

    Thank you all on Memorial Day,


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