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  1. Keep up the good work Jason. Forgive me for asking - the screen is part of the oil filtration system? I am not familiar with this, but enjoy the chance to learn! Chuck in Kansas
  2. Stefan - Thank You for taking your time to photograph, post and memorialize your Olds. Your stories and explanations rival a time-tested storytellers tales. You sure have a beautiful car and the work you're doing is noticeable. Keep up the good work, I wish I was in your region, to give you a hand. Chuck in Kansas
  3. Happy Anniversary Martin. We are still following you and understand - it's not about how fast you get it done, it's about how much fun you have doing it! Thanks for a fun thread, a great car, and Happy Thanksgiving! Chuck in Kansas
  4. Chris - Happy Anniversary to you and Mightyfast! Glad to hear an update from you. Still digging on your car and thread. Still my second favorite behind Johns! Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours! Chuck in Kansas
  5. John - the award medallion looks great on the McLaughlin-Buick! Congratulations, woot-woot! Hey - is that radiator leaking still/again? I sure do envy and enjoy this thread. Thank you once again. Chuck in Kansas
  6. Thanks for the updated, midpoint photos. The metal masters have done a wonderful job. Please do post more of this beast when its finished and of your other Willys finds. Chuck in Kansas
  7. Yes John, he is still into cars. Period. They are pretty, expensive and I received no enjoyment from them. Show me a desert junkyard and I will enjoy that more than his high-dollar street rods. But thanks for trying John. We know where your heart is! Chuck in Kansas
  8. Bitter and sweet. It's bitter for us that we won't be looking in on Northern Ontario and a great restoration any longer. Sweet that you've succeeded with your goal and the true meaning it has brought to you and your family. Thank You Pat, enjoy the fruits of your labor, Happy Centennial Birthday on behalf of your Dad. Chuck
  9. Congratulations John. That Jag is a beauty! Beautiful pictures of amazing cars. The 1967 Shelby GT500 and the 1963 Galaxie 500 caught my eye, but many interesting cars. Thank you for sharing them with us. Chuck
  10. Looks like you had a great Fathers Day Pat. Congratulations on a safe and problem-free run. Great photos too. I love the very first photo - 1941 Chrysler Coupe. The 1964 Olds Starfire is a fine one too! Thanks for the photos - time to rest up! Chuck
  11. Chris - your Avanti looks great. If I haven't told you, the color you chose is excellent. She is meant to be subtle until riled. Once riled, she's ... - you fill it in Chris! Enjoy the beautiful weather and thank you for the pictures of another VA treasure. I appreciate seeing the grace and beauty, being I'm employed by the VA, times 20+ years. Chuck
  12. Hey John - time to rest a bit after that stretch of busy-ness. Great job with the Jag. Just where are you going to put all the hardware you keep bringing home? You'll have to build a separate building for all the trophies, plaques, and honors that your wonderful vehicles garner. I agree - the Avanti shows well and the JD looks tough now with it's new front "bling!" Keep up the great work. Chuck
  13. That JD is looking real nice John. The llamas are sheared twice a year, is that correct? Good luck at the show this weekend! Chuck
  14. Martin - is that FE a 292ci or a 312ci or a 406 ci or... ? It is great fun following your restoration. Keep up the amazing work! Mercury Fan Chuck
  15. John - I agree with Scott. Nice deal on the Deere. What's the story with the airplane parked in the pasture? Do you know? Beautiful table too. Those pieces take up so much space in the dining room, but when you need one... Keep up the great thread! Chuck
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