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  1. Watch out for rust in the firewall and area over the windshield - could be repaired but would be a bear. Also other areas that are pretty standard to have rust is the floor, rockers, sills, and cab corners. Great looking trucks with timeless beauty. Enjoy!
  2. Thanks 30DodgePanel! Sometimes slips my mind we live in a capitalist society and everything rises or falls on demand and supply.
  3. I understand the supply and demand idea - just thought maybe they produced a gazillion of them, or that there was something very wrong with them compared to the other series. Curiosity working overtime I guess.
  4. Why aren't these as desirable as the other series trucks you mentioned? As for the condition, it is in surprisingly good shape. I couldn't believe how solid the mounting points are where it attaches to the frame. If that was a Model A Ford cowl those attaching points would be totally eat up with rust. Jay
  5. No idea where the rest is - this is all I got when I bought it. Value?? Thanks for the responses! Jay
  6. This item sold at Chickasha Swap Meet. Thank you!
  7. I recently purchased this truck cowl and doors. Was told it was 24-25 Graham Brothers, but when I looked online at photos of that year of Graham Brothers trucks the photos of the dash show a raised area around the instruments on dash center. This cowl dash does not have the raised area. Besides, the gauges on the Graham Brothers are scattered across the dash where the one I have they are centralized in a large opening. Doors have a distinctive body line and I have tried to show that in the photos. Thanks for any assistance anyone could offer. Jay
  8. I have for sale a pair of cowl lights that I unfortunately cannot identify. Look to be off of a larger car from the 20' or 30's. Condition is good and price is right! Look at pictures attached to see what you think. Asking $60.00 plus any shipping needed. Thanks, Jay
  9. I have for sale a 1928 Chevrolet 4 cylinder head. The head has been checked at a machine shop where the gentleman does many older engines and has for several years. He said it was flat enough it didn't need resurfacing, but did need to replace 4 valve guides and 4 valve seats - which he did. Will need new valves yet. Have valve cover, push rods, carb.(appears to be a Zenith - looks suspiciously like Model A carb.), and intake manifold to go with it. Asking $350.00 for all of it - make a good overhead valve conversion for someone! I will be set up at Chickasha, OK swap meet for pre-1945 automobiles in a couple of weeks and can bring this with me to save shipping. Thanks, Jay
  10. For sale is a cowl section from a 32 or 33 Chevrolet truck cab, plus a hood for same. I have attached some photos to show areas with work needed. Either would be good for regular build or speedster material? I will be attending the Chickasha, OK swap meet in a couple of weeks and can bring this along with me to save shipping or transport costs. Asking $300 for cowl and hood. Thanks, Jat
  11. I have a 1927 or 28 cowl section I would like to sell. I will be attending the Chickasha, OK pre-45 swap meet this March and could bring it along to save someone a trip to Missouri. Would / could be a great start to a speedster body! Metal shows some surface rust, but otherwise metal looks very solid - have stored inside the entire time I have had it. Has up-rights for windshield and windshield frame that go with it. Photos aren't the best because I haven't pulled it out of storage yet. Asking $250.00 for it - like to see someone use this. Thanks, Jay Self
  12. After looking at the photo of the car it does raise the question of whether the lights are currently mounted right side up or upside down as they are now. Thanks, Jay
  13. That is basically what I was trying quite unsuccessfully to say - thanks for clarification. Jay
  14. I felt that the brackets looked very specific with the 'notch' to allow for another piece of trim to run perpendicular to the cowl light mounting. Thanks for your reply - really hope that some one that has a pair already and knows what they are for will speak up at some point also Jay
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