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  1. Before and after, sanding sealer and marine grade varathane man o war brand. 4 years no problems.
  2. Sorry I included pics initially. Not sure what happened
  3. 1924 speedster is sold and now living in California. Two days of PB blaster, pressure washing, soaking and determination she's up and running. Not quite driving yet.
  4. I recently purchased a 1924 Chrysler speedster project from this web site. I need some help identifying the engine. A copy of the 1934 title states a factory number 2118 and a motor number of 25963. The current title (oregon) states only the motor number. 25963. Currently The Chrysler badge on the firewall does match the 1934 title 2118 however the motor number is different. The frame above the left rear spring mount also appears to match the Chrysler badge number. The frame was modified and cut off part of the frame. Current motor number B56452 Found on timing cover. i believe the motor was changed at some point and when the paper work was simply copied and the motor number was not verified. Is the motor a 1924? The carberator is not original and neither is the dodge radiator surround. I think the frame front end are 1924 Chrysler like the 1934 title says. Any input is appreciated. Also after a few days the engine is running.
  5. We're early steering wheels (1920's) generally interchangeable. I understand the outer diameter was different and some had 3 or 4 spokes ect. But we're most steering wheels 1" with approx 3/16 keyway. Did different manufacturers have different size holes in there steering wheels. Is the 1924 Chrysler 6 steering wheel 1"?
  6. 1932 dodge dl6 is 3.25 x18 Actual measure is 4.5 x 19.5 5 on 4.5 The 1932 dodge ( I believe) is 3.5 x 18
  7. This is a picture of the plates that the shocks mount to in the rear. They are more like a washer and are on the outside of the frame. They are .125 thick 1/8inch. If the picture is to confusing I can copy on poster board and mail. PM wouldn't let me copy a pic. The front shocks also have a plate washer but it is rectangular. It will be harder to get to.
  8. Search 1955 Buick on Craigslist Modesto California. Not mine but some 55 taillights for sale.
  9. The Northern California dodge brothers have organized a large number of dodges for this event. Thanks Don. The best part is that it benefits local 4-H and FFA in the area. It is a great show and a beautiful venue. Happy 100th hope to see you there.
  10. Yes that is correct. I think I am missing the riser. I was wondering about the size of the wood base. It is definitely larger than the seat.
  11. This is the only other picture I have right now. Do the screws go from above the seat frame down into the wood or from the wood up into the bench seat frame. I have not noticed any pegs.
  12. I'm looking for pictures of how my coupe seats attach to the car. I believe the mohair attaches to the wood back. The drivers back must be secured with screws from the trunk area. The passengers back is secured by two hinges( I only have one). Is the bench seat just rest on the floor? I have seen some with adjustable tracks. What would stop the bench seat from sliding forward?
  13. Took the top off the transmission and it was relieved that nothing was broken. The gear's were just really gunked up with years of whatever. I was able to get the synchro moving again and I cleaned what I could with a soft wire brush. The pictures are after I cleaned. It is hard to take them with dirty hands. Does anyone know of something that I could fill the gearbox with to let it soak. I was thinking that I could fill the gearbox with diesel or something and then drain.(Without driving the car!) Then I was thinking I could add gear oil and sea foam and run it for a little bit then change again. Any thoughts? See the freewheeling fork and assembly in the upper left. It is wired so the lever is towards the front of the car. The top cover was a mess and all clogged up also.