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  1. Before and after, sanding sealer and marine grade varathane man o war brand. 4 years no problems.
  2. This is a picture of the plates that the shocks mount to in the rear. They are more like a washer and are on the outside of the frame. They are .125 thick 1/8inch. If the picture is to confusing I can copy on poster board and mail. PM wouldn't let me copy a pic. The front shocks also have a plate washer but it is rectangular. It will be harder to get to.
  3. I got my first chance to look at your thread on a full size computer today and the pictures look great. Did you ever take the transmission apart? Did you ever find an original temp gauge?
  4. Note the gas ration sticker on the windshield . 1942 was the first year. "A" was non essential. Boy with cat is my grandfather in front of his grandfathers car on farm in Indiana 1942. A lot of mud on car and a poor picture.
  5. I recently found a picture of my 32 dl6 from 1942. It looks like the front fenders may have had pin striping. It is a black car. I was wondering if it was original or not. Also the crank hole cover was already missing in 1942, kinda funny.
  6. Talormade Have you already bought your glass? If so who did you get it from and does it fit? Glass will be next for my DL.
  7. Your build record will tell you exactly what date the car was finished. My 32 DL was finished on January 26, 1932.
  8. Check out karpspowerbrake.com stainless steal sleeve in your original wheel seals and master cylinder. Guy knows his stuff and I am very happy with mine. There is nothing better than restoring the original!
  9. I have my badge for my 32 DL at sherms in Sacramento right now. I was told that they can be chromed with the glass. The disclaimer was if the glass is cracked or damaged it can be made worse in the heat of the chroming process. I was also told that if the glass is damaged it to can be fixed. Cross your fingers and save up your money
  10. To post pics with a smart phone you need to get the "forum runner" app then look up aaca and bookmark the dodge section. The rest will be simple.
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