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  1. Thanks, I just like taking it out for a drive, probably a few shows.
  2. Getting back to my 35 Studebaker Funeral Coach restoration. Just put my first leatherette insert on the roof, came out pretty good I think. Mounted some Spartan horns. Doing some last minute tweaks before upholstery. A lot of the 35 Studebaker adds are mine looking to improve my car. Here are some updated pictures.
  3. Found a locking door handle for my 35 Studebaker. Looks like my handle but doesn't seem compatible. Was the door design different for a locking door handle, I thought I could just swap one out for the other?
  4. Looking for a locking door handle with key. Right side mount fender and parts for side mount tire. 35 Studebaker Dictator. Thanks
  5. Not sure but the fourth one down looks like it might be it?
  6. Still looking for a clock and radio for my 35 Studebaker? Sidemount Dictator right fender and hardware?
  7. Looks like its a 4.27 axle ratio. Gear 185136 Pinion 185137 19teeth.
  8. Does anyone sell the gear in the transmission that operates the speedometer cable?
  9. The one in the dash for now, I believe the fuel tank sending is good, tested it before I installed it and it worked. The dash gauge isn't responding at all.
  10. Would like to buy a working 35 Studebaker fuel gauge or have mine rebuilt. Any recommendation on a rebuilding service? Thanks Doug
  11. Thanks for the photos and info. That is the look I'm looking for. Looks like they do attach to the light pod.
  12. Would like to mount exterior spartan horns to my 35 Studebaker. They mount between the headlight and the grill. I've seen a lot of pictures with them displayed, looking for the correct bracket to mount them, I believe they attach to the side of the headlight pod. Would like information or a good photo of what to look for. MAC auto parts sells some but don't know if one of theirs would work? Thanks Doug
  13. Looking for a passenger side side mount fender or any hardware for same. Would like a radio or a clock. Extra hubcap. My hearse is pretty complete, looking for some extras to dress it up. Thanks
  14. Hi Richard, any parts for a 35 Studebaker Dictator ? Actually its a Funeral Coach.
  15. Have a window regulator that has some worn teeth or maybe missing teeth. Window keeps snapping and won't roll up all the way. Doe's anyone repair these.
  16. Nice car, would be interested in more photo's and contact information. I do not do facebook, any way of getting more information other than facebook? Trying to find the ad, I can get on facebook marketplace, which state ?
  17. Having an issue with my 35 Studebaker Dictator also. How did you find out the olms for the fuel gauge. Thanks
  18. Looking for a passenger side fender with side mount. Also any hardware to go with it. Also looking for a radio. Thanks Doug 402-699-7442
  19. Pete, Do you know if Browns salvage has any Studebaker parts? looking for a side mount fender for a 35, passenger side. Thanks
  20. Thanks John, wish it was the passenger. Do you have the hard cover or any hardware for the spare tire?
  21. Still looking for a radio, clock and a side mount fender, passenger side for my 35 Studebaker Dictator Hearse. Thanks Doug 402-699-7442 Omaha
  22. Looks so much nicer with the fender skirts ! Nice car
  23. Pauls Chrome Plating in Pennsylvania. Beautiful work on my pot metal.