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  1. just finished my 53 Special after 1.5 yrs.. Did all the dirty work and payed the local extortionist about 5K with about 2K in material and 5 K in chrome and polishing ( California EPA crap )About eight years ago I inquired about what it would cost and they wanted about 12K and didn't even want to do it..just add new economy money and it would probably be about 14-15K ..and yes old cars have usually had at least one accident..The deal is unless you pay a entire suitcase of cash NOBODY !! will take the time to do a decent job like you would do it yourself--car restoration has turned into a rich mans sport--too bad !! regards, Gil
  2. Jeff, I finally paid attention to motor's manual and figured out why they suggest that you use .017 clearance checked against .018 which should not go.. It's almost foolproof and the vehicle never ran better since I rebuilt it years ago. sometimes too many opinions can be too much .. Thanks so much for your reply and also I can see why you might want to lower idle speed Take care, Gil
  3. Motor's Manual states to obtain a road operating clearance of .015 ( hot ) you must use a .017 gauge checked against .018 which shouldn't go. The tune up spec clearly states that .015 is the tappet clearance which I set with a warmed up running car--a fairly loose .015..Did I blow it and is this popular manual right on ? thank you, Gil Dobson 53 Buick Special 48D