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  1. I saw an add for a 1960 Impala the car was in terrible shape needing total restoration. No special options on this one, no 348 not a convertible really nothing that set it aside from any other 60 Impala. What made me laugh to myself was the inflated price he was asking. For a meer 12,000.00 this car that needed quarter panels, inner and outter rockers,complete interior, front fenders all the chrome ect ect ect could have been yours. Then I thought this guy was doing me a favor as he was going to hold on to this car rather than crush it thinking that he was going to cash in. I could only hope as the years drag on and the price he was asking slowly came down it would finally meet the actual market value. So while many curse the un-reality car shows on tv and Barrett Jackson I think to myself that while intially I hated the inflation they brought to the car community that I might now see a silver lining the cloud. Just my thoughts. Merry Christmas,
  2. That's a rare item to be sure. I will keep an eye out though. I would guess it wouldn't be cheap as it appeals to Edsel collectors and pedal car collectors.
  3. Pics of both tanks the Black one is the orginal Edsel tank.
  4. Thought it was neat that the camera car and the Thunderbird were almost in an accident. That was a great clip.
  5. Four door? Why open them? Weld them shut and shave the handles.
  6. Best tip I guess I could give is to not jump on the first heap you come across and don't get discouraged. Finding the right car sometimes can take a little bit of time. A realistic budget is always a good thing of course usually that can go out the window when you start getting into repairs. Another thing to consider is the cost of the more popular models depending on what you want to do and how much you really want a certain model you can look at other models i.e Novas, Dusters, Fairlanes ect. I hope you find what your looking for.
  7. I have been working on a 59 Edsel for the past few months and I quickly found out that I couldn't locate and purchase a new fuel tank. I was presented with a couple of options doing my research the first being I could purchase a new 59 Ford fuel tank the filler neck isn't centered like the Edsel but the dimensions are correct and the filler neck is shorter. The second option was using a 63 Galaxie tank there is plenty of room for it underneath the trunk and the Edsel straps work, the neck is centered but four inchs shorter than the Edsel neck. I went with the Galaxie tank and cut and rewelded the neck making up the four lacking inchs. I had to make a small bracket for the right side strap to fit into, I will attach pictures later. There was plenty of room for the Galaxie sending unit which needs to also be purchased as it is located in a diffrent spot than the Edsels. This wasn't difficult and was a better option than trying to reuse an old tank that was filled with rust and scale. I figured I would put this in a thread in case anyone else ran into the same problem I did.
  8. Ha ha ha ha ha ha your correct that was the worst thing in that pic.
  9. Looks like a 1921 Model T touring. Heres a pic of one
  10. Still looking dont be shy with your responses im open to any leads !!! Finding Edsel parts is like trying to finger print a ghost, everyone knows someone that know someone that might have one.
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