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  1. Year: 1976 Make: Oldsmobile Delta 88 Model: Royale Price: $5,500 Description: This is a beautiful, all original 1976 Bicentennial year Delta 88 Royale. It is cream color with a tan half vinyl roof. The interior is also tan. Oldsmobile 455 Rocket engine.It has been in my family since my Dad walked it down the line at Fisher Body in Lansing Michigan. It has always been garage stored. It was my Mom's car and it's now mine through her estate. It is literally the "little old lady who only drove it to the store and back" car. It has 37,695 miles on it, almost all put on by my Mom. It runs smoothly, the engine is top notch. It has air conditioning and cruise control. It is dusty from sitting in our garage and does need to be washed and waxed. It's a very solid car and the interior is in mint condition, she always kept the seats covered with towels. All equipment is original from the radio to the engine. It does have a couple of spots of rust forming at the edge of the vinyl roof which are very small. This is a smoke free vehicle. There are no dents or scratches anywhere. I have several pictures of the vehicle available; if there is something particular you would like photographed, please feel free to ask. Cash only sale. Buyer responsible for vehicle pick up. VIN#: 3N39T6M386753</SPAN> Location: Saint Johns, Michigan, USA Contact Information: Cyndi Waeiss,
  2. Buick Racer, thank you so much for all your help. I didn't realize I was on a Buick forum. Thanks again for pointing me in the right direction, I really appreciate it!
  3. Hello, my name is Cyndi and I'm just out here looking for information about how to figure out what my inherited vehicle is worth. I haven't found much information on the internet as to how to evaluate the worth of an older Oldsmobile, so I'm hoping that someone can point me in the right direction out here. Possibly, this isn't the right place to look either, but a friend's Dad said this might be helpful, so here I am.