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  1. Hello mercer09, It only took me a couple of years, but I have just seen your message regarding the 49 Buick tailgate hinges I was/still am chasing. If you still have them, or even part of one please let me know. cheers - Graham
  2. 1949 Buick Roadmaster Woodie Estate Wagon $59,000 (with title) Only 653 Built, 19 known to exist. Huge $$$ restoration so far, almost complete. All original timber just freshly restored, rebuilt original motor, new paint, new interior, freshly chromed bumpers. Bought from the trust of the Rogers Collection in Vegas. Car can be viewed in Signal Hill, California. Call to arrange an appointment, I am in Victoria, Australia (please be aware of the 17 hour time difference). My international operator tells me if you want to call out of the USA to Australia dial 011 61 404 37
  3. Hello, My restorer stole all my 49 Buick woodie chrome - interior and exterior, and the windscreen. I'm curious to know if a 49 roadmaster sedan has the same dimensions. I assume the grille, fender spears, lights, dash knobs etc. will all fit, though when I see windscreens advertised they have different prices for different models so assume they must be different? Cheers - Graham
  4. Hello, Chasing a rear left skirt for a 46 Buick 2dr sedanette. Picture attached Cheers - Graham
  5. Hello, Looking for 49 Buick Roadmaster woodie parts. Grille, side trim, porthole chrome, windscreen, windscreen divinding strip, rear window dividing strip, bumper brackets, dash chrome, rear tailgate hinges, interior and exterior handles, rear post brackets that attach roof. Appreciate any help, Cheers - Graham.
  6. Hello, Could someone please advise me how to identify what month my 49 Buick Roadmaster was manufactured? I don't know if the vin helps. vin 54318747 The car is in the States - I am in Australia Cheers - Graham
  7. Hello, I'm chasing tailgate hinges for a 49 Buick Roadmaster Woodie. Please contact me at grou@y7mail.com Cheers - Graham
  8. Hello, searching for a 1946 Buick 46s fender skirt (left side). model attached. Appreciate any help, Cheers - Graham
  9. Hello, I'm chasing a 1946 46s 2dr sedanette skirt for the left side. This is a picture of my car (attached) - before the importer "lost" the skirt. Cheers - Graham
  10. Hello Rob, Thanks for the reply, I agree it really is a stunning design. I already have the car measurements, it's the actual motor and tranny that I need. It comes with an extra motor and tranny, just trying to figure out whether they are worth the extra transport costs. Appreciate the help - Graham
  11. Hello there, I am now chasing the dimensions of a 49 Buick 248 dynaflow - length, width and depth - outside dimensions? Needed for shipping - trying to get a better transport quote to see if it's going to be worthwhile. The motor and transmission are seperate and I am after measurements on both please. Exact would be great, but close enough is good enough. Thanks again - Graham
  12. Hello there, I am after the dimensions of the actual 248 motor and transmission (not the whole car) for shipping. Motor and tranny are apart and on two seperate skids/pallets. Appreciate any help, Cheers - Graham
  13. The 49 was meant to be a roadmaster not a super. One of the many lies they told, including that they had a title, that has taken over 14 months to get them to organise. I became so sick of the constant lies and crap I ended up threatening them with the police. Finally it's ready to come over. Cheers again - Graham
  14. Hello mate, That's spot on, I am hoping to find someone to strip off the chrome and put in the Super sedanette that's coming over to Australia. I would like more stuff though have to leave something for the person who puts in the effort, plus the cost of shipping the engine and tranny accross America is a fortune and probably not worth it. Actually what's you're opinion? It's basically going to cost me around $1400 for the motor and tranny by the time it reaches Australia. Do you know of any transport companies in the states that will move the motor and tranny that are on pallets/skids? Cheer
  15. I bought a 49 Buick sedanette in Beaulaville, Nth Carolina. It came with an extra 49 super 4 door which does not have a title so I can't get it into Australia. Motor and tranny were taken out of the sedan and are on skids, though may not be worth the transport costs for me. If anyone is interested in stripping the chrome - bumpers, grill, handles, steering wheel, lights, dash knobs/levers (not the whole dash) etc they are more than welcome to what's left.(Motor, tranny, sheet metal, interior, dash, glass etc). It would be a great help as parts are hard to find over here. The sedan was
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