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  1. I posted this in another thread but here it is for your enjoyment. 1937 Buick Special and Dakota DC3/C47.
  2. Beautiful day in mid Canterbury today. The DC3 has been up and about making some noise and taking many happy people for scenic flights.
  3. I'm 22years old & have a love affair with vintage Buicks. I learnt to drive in our current 1937 Buick Special. I missed out on a 1938 Buick Sedan a couple of months go..... not worry though, I have many, many years in the Buick game yet.
  4. Hi everybody. There is car and airshow of sorts out at Darfield in Canterbury New Zealand on Sunday 22nd April 2012. It is well worth the trip out there (less than 30 min drive from the city). The airfild is to the right by the train tracks just before you get to Darfield (coming form christchurch) All vintage, classic, special cars are welcome (from what I can gather). I will be there in a Red 1937 Buick Special. The gates open at 8am for display cars and 9am for the general public. If you display a vehicle It will cost $5.00 per Adult or $20.00 per family. General Public is $10per adult. If your going out for a look you may aswell bring your vehicle.....the parking is closer! Also I will be there with the Southern DC3 who will be doing scenic flights on the day. Check them out here: Southern DC3 Ltd :: Adventure Flights in New Zealand :: Southern DC3 Trust ::South Island Airline If there are any other Buick owners going we should try and get ourselves in a line - preferable away from the CHEV boys lol. Thanks, Ayden.
  5. Interesting looking car. A shame to get to that stage and not finish. Does anyone know it?
  6. I have been for many flights in that T-6 and it is nothing short of amazing. The Harvard has to be my all time favourite aircraft.
  7. Hi TG. I believe they were sent to the GM plant and assembled RHD. At no stage would they have been fitted with any LHD gear. Regards, Ayden.
  8. Hi everyone. This is my 1st post. My name is Ayden and Vintage buicks are in my blood. I could not resist posting this picture. This is an AT-6G Harvard (Texan from your part of the world). It used to belong to the South African Air Force but is now under syndication in New Zealand. Parked around it are 1936,37,38 Special Sedans. Enjoy, Ayden.
  9. Hi, I am from New Zealand and I would like to purchase one of these books. Is this possable? & How is the best way to pay? Regards Ayden.